Weekly Recap 12/4-12/10 - MVHQ

Weekly Recap 12/4-12/10

MVHQ Staff
Dec 11, 2023
Weekly Recap 12/4-12/10

Monday 12/4


After a euphoric weekend, Monday presented somewhat of a maintenance day for the broader crypto landscape as floors and token prices across the board saw slight consolidation. Still, pockets of activity could be found with Pixelmon seeing a 10% surge bringing floors back above 1.4E. Captainz and Potatoz also held it down for the Memeland ecosystem as both gained nearly 5% floor price gainz while the $MEME token saw nearly a 30% jump above $0.04. Overall marketplace volume checked in at $38.4M, kicking the week off with another strong showing as we've seen our best 2-day avg since July. ETH continues to chill above $2200.



  • The Jackson 5 make their NFT debut with an upcoming release from musical collectibles platform, anotherblock. The upcoming audio-NFT drop will be priced in two tiers, a $25 open edition and $100 Limited Edition that includes additional tracks.

  • Coinbase and Sound.xyz announce a partnership and first ever music quest that allows users to collect music and get rewards. Participants will be tasked with collecting one of five tracks and will earn $OP rewards in return.

  • Pudgy Penguins x Nouns Dao will commence their toy drop partnership on December 8th at 8PM EST.

  • BLEND announces support for Lil Pudgys is now live for bidding, listing and lending points.

  • CyberKongz have launched a validator node on the Ronin Network as the team looks to expand its ability to earn revenue and enhance its long term staying power.

  • Treeverse announces an additional $2.5M in funding in a strategic round that includes names and logos such as Animoca, Sky Mavis, Pudgy Penguins and Faze Clan.

  • Parallel is reportedly hosting a $25k tournament featuring notable Hearthstone pros on December 8th with a $10k prize going to the winner.


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Tuesday 12/5


It seems BTC adopted the motto "Can't stop, won't stop" today as it exploded for another 5% gain to the upside leaving all the sidelined bears in even more disbelief. While coin traders and bulls rejoiced in their tokens going up, NFT traders were wrought with another potential contract exploit to navigate with very little clarity on the matter.


While most NFT collections saw a bit of a pull back amongst the recent frothy action, Captainz (5.1E) saw a nice pump to the tune of 10% as Treeverse captured most of the attention with a 40% move upwards to reach a .85E floor after it's recent raise announcement. Marketplace volume also experienced a retrace and tallied up to $27 million, with ETH closing at $2270 signalling more bullish times to come.



  • A critical vulnerability was spotted in a smart contract from ThirdWeb, an open-source Web3 library, which presents potential issues for many ERC721 and 1155 tokens distributed in the past that relied on its code.

  • Amazon Prime Gaming has partnered with Immutable Games to bring exclusive in-game items to players in Gods Unchained in a unique onboarding effort.

  • Helium, popular for their series of token miners that offer cellular reception, announced they will soon offer nationwide unlimited cell service for just $20 per month after boosting their token reward incentives to validators.


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Wednesday 12/6


Recent euphoria had to temper expectations for one day at least as crypto and NFT marketplaces across the board experienced slight pullback. Sugartown Oras were one of the few exceptions on ETH as floors popped 30% up to 0.3E on 77E in volume. Over on SOL, Mad Lads saw another 10K SOL in volume with floors stabilizing above the 200 SOL range...keeping the top project's activity on par with BAYC and CryptoPunks on the NFT volume leaderboard. Overall marketplace volume on ETH closed at $25.4M, down slightly from yesterdays number. ETH continues to play nice above $2200.



  • Yuga Labs Gaming announces Season 2 is now live and includes a Leaderboard and Shattered Loot update.

  • Sotheby's will be auctioning off three Bitcoin Shrooms, the first Bitcoin Ordinals available for purchase from the famed auctionhouse. The sale is open now until December 13th.

  • Nike's .SWOOSH introduces "A Month of Giving," where members will be eligible for giveaways from the vault including rare sneaker samples, staff hoodies and other prizes.

  • Beam , a gaming focused network, announces a strategic alliance with Immutable and Polygon that aims to accelerate the adoption of web3 gaming.

  • Veefriends announces a new collab with Reebok that celebrates "the spirit of accountability, hard work, and teamwork," with its Accountable Ant collection.


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Thursday 12/7


It was a day of extremes as many in Web3 mourned the loss of Vera Molnar, a pioneer in generative art, as others were overjoyed thanks to a juicy airdrop on Solana in the form of Jito's $JTO. Many SOL enjoyoors were riding high as their $JTO token rose to over $3, gifting many a 5-figure airdrop and this liquidity seemed to cascade through the markets. After a quick trip down to 8E Pudgy Penguins (10.4E) felt the love with with sweeps brinnging them to a 12E floor briefly. And Molnar's Themes and Variations (7.7E) collection saw a modest 30% pump on the unfortunate news of her passing.


Overall markets saw yet another day of slow decline in volume, to $23 million, following the euphoria of a post-Jito world. Despite the lower volume, almost all major collections spent their day in the sun and rose, no doubt preparing themselves for the up-only times just around corner. ETH decided this was the day to play catch up and closed at $2380 after lovely green candles that many tokens experienced.



  • Solana's token ecosystem grew today with the highly anticipated airdrop of Jito token! Jito is a liquid staking token that has garnered much praise since its launch for its innovative tech.

  • Reebok and VeeFriends announced a collab for limited edition Accountable Ant Classic Nylon shoes, with the presale open only to holders of select VeeFriends NFTs.

  • Reebok made waves with another collaboration, this time with Futureverse, as they look to bring AI and Reebok together to innovate in the field of digital fashion.

  • Hytopia, formerly NFT Worlds, announced news regarding uncirculated $TOPIA token, giving details on its disbursement for both the community and team.


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Friday to Sunday 12/8-12/10


It's a Pudgy World and we're just living in it...at least for a few days, as the Igloo took advantage of its Art Basel event to announce the team's newest blockchain experience aimed at onboarding the masses. The Pudgy ecosystem proceeded to rip throughout the weekend with floors crushing the 12E mark, while Lil Pudgy's broke 1.2E and Rogs 0.8E. Pixelmon saw a 99-NFT and nearly $500k sweep, as momentum for the project continues to mount with floors breaching above 2E. Sugartown Oras also broke through with the help of a good, old fashioned Beanie shill with floors above 0.7E on nearly 500E in volume. Overall marketplace volume closed the week with a healthy $29.7M in total transactions, the highest daily close in 5 days as ETH holds firm above the $2200 mark.



  • Pudgy Penguins unveil a new blockchain experience called Pudgy World Alpha, powered by Zksync! The team announced the new venture during its Art Basel event and is set for release in Q1 of 2024, aiming to create a fully on-chain story telling experience with the goal of onboarding millions into Web3.

  • Reebok and Futureverse partner up for a new metaverse and AI digital shoe campaign called Reebok Impact, slated for 2024.

  • Animoca announces a fresh $11.88M in funding for Mocaverse, bringing its grand total of capital raised to $31.88M.

  • The Pudgy Penguins x NounsDao collectible has sold out. The physical figurines were available to the public in pink and red colorways for $249.99, with special edition gold collectibles available to random participants.

  • Arbitrum, in collaboration with Horizen Labs and Offchain Labs, have submitted a new idea to ApeCoin DAO for ApeChain, a new proposed blockchain that uses $APE to serve as its native token. The aim of the chain would be for a focus on gaming utilizing Arbitrums network for scaling and efficiency. Arbitrum joins Optimism and Polygon as candidates to host the chain.

  • Rug Radio announces a merger with Decrypt Media and unveils a new partnership with Arbitrum aimed at building the future of decentralized media.

  • Inspect and Magic Eden announce a partnership that brings the analytics application onto the Magic Eden marketplace


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