Weekly Recap 1/30-2/5 - MVHQ

Weekly Recap 1/30-2/5

MVHQ Staff
Feb 6, 2023
Weekly Recap 1/30-2/5

Monday 1/30

Plenty of headlines across various top projects helped keep proper attention on the NFT marketplace, even if a majority of established projects saw red on the day. New mint Qzuki opened a free mint for Azuki ecosystem holders to great success. Kanpai Pandas saw a small nudge back above the 2.1E range, AKCB touched 0.4E on over 200E in volume and Otherdeeds led the day with over 2200E in volume. 


Overall marketplace volume saw a slight decrease from yesterday's close as we finished just above $25 million. OpenSea once again held a slight edge over BLUR with $10.8 million in transactions versus BLURs $9.2 million. ETH took a little tumble once again as it breached back below $1600 and is now playing in the $1580 range. 



Doodles are preparing to open its Doopllicator feature tomorrow.  Holders will be able to Dooplicate their Doodles NFTs for Doodles 2 wearables. The wearables are tradable on the Gaia Marketplace located on the Flow Blockchain.

Azuki announced a new in-server feature called Taro the Azuki Curator.  The helpful Bean will allow members to lookup any Azuki based on command, with more functions coming throughout the year.

RTFKT released a video trailer for its upcoming Pod Burn event, set to start tomorrow at 8AM EST.

BLUR has added a "Collector Mode," giving users a broader view with larger images.

Magic Eden has rolled out a new fee structure called the "Maker/Taker model," which allows for fees to be based on how active a user is on their trading platform in addition to their Rewards level.

OpenSea has rolled out a revamped category page onto its homepage.

OhBabyGames has raised a $6 Million Seed Round that aims to redefine Web3 gaming.

- SoRare has announced a licensing deal with the English Premier League on a 4-year deal.  Players will now be able to collect Sorare cards from one of the top Futbal leagues in the world, and a noticeable missing piece to their collection portfolio until now.

- Sudoswap announces the launch of their $SUDO token. The token will not be transferrable initially and will require a vote in order to enable that function.


Notable Mint:

- QZUKI sold out the first two phases of its mint with Azuki ecosystem holders able to mint for free. The project has seen nearly 300E in volume and floors quickly approaching 0.1E with another 1000 supply set to hit the marketplace shortly. Public is set to take place at a 0.01E Mint price.


Tuesday 1/31

Tuesday saw a bit of markets cooling off from the volatility and action recent weeks have exhibited. This slowdown was seen in the collection volume traded but the news of the day still came in hot with heavy hitters like Cool Cats and Doodles releasing big updates/ previews as well as other notables like Chimpers and Reignmakers making announcements on their future and planned events. 


NFT volume was depressed from previous days taking another small step back. This was reflected with top collections like Sewer Passes and Otherdeeds combining to trade 1000E while degen project Qzuki racked up 350E. Few other projects were able to generate significant volume. Major marketplaces combined to trade $24 million today with Opensea edging out Blur with their $10 million traded compared to Blur's $9 million. ETH stayed in its range for the majority of the day, closing at $1575. 



- Popular NFT artist, NessGraphics, opened the first of several burns for his recent OE, Money Printer Go BRR. 5 editions can be burned for an animated version. 

- Web 2 marketplace giant, Ebay, has signaled their desire to enter the NFT game by teaming up with Notable Lives to bring IRL special events with athletes, teams, and leagues through NFTs. 

- Blur has seemingly found yet another workaround to Opensea's marketplace protocol in order to list collections previously blacklisted on Blur.

- Cool Cats released a trailer today hyping up their 2023 brand plans with a Townhall scheduled for 2/1 to discuss the future of the brand from content to collectibles and more.

- Draftkings' Reignmakers announced plans for 2022 cards in the form of burning for 2023 early access or holding to compete in special 2022-only contests. 

- Chimpers announced that staked NFTs will be able to go on their first of siz planned Adventure tomorrow. Adventures are a set of idle mini-games set to reward players for their in-game outcomes. 

- Doodles Dooplicators became eligible for use late today with the wearables for Doodles 2 selling at the OnGaia marketplace. Doodles 2 wearables and Beta Passes have traded nearly $40K in volume on the Flow blockchain since the evening drop. 


Wednesday 2/1

Canto Fever continued to light up the NFT Marketplace with Cantenzas, Cantillionaires and Canto Longnecks all leading the charge. Head over to our #canto forum to learn more and get cooking with the Canto Crew (trademark pending). Over on ETH, Checks saw a nice surge with floors steaming up to 0.9E on over 700E in volume, the Memeland ecosystem saw slight nudges to the green after a royalty announcement and Cool Cats saw some solid volume on a day of notable updates for the project. 


Overall ETH marketplace volume finished the day just under $28 million with BLUR and OpenSea essentially tied atop the daily transaction leaderboard. ETH saw a sexy spike back towards the $1670 range as the Crypto Gods continue to play with their food. Hope everyone enjoyed their Wednesday - let's keep it rollin' into tomorrow and finish the week strong. 



Cool Cats held a Town Hall today filled with fun updates, most notably including a new rewards system called "Cool Score," which is a dynamic score that will adjust based on a users interactions + holdings within the Cool Cats ecosystem. Check out the Field Report from @kurupshon in #field-reports for all the details and shoutout to MVHQ MVP @jarvis for all his work on the project as a Cool Cats team member.

- BAYC tweeted another short video detailing Dookey Dash tips, this time focusing on the various fragments players can collect while playing to help boost scores.

Yuga Labs clarified some details regarding its IP license and commercial rights granted to its NFT holders, as helped by longtime IP lawyer Jeremy Goldman.

- Memeland announces that they have lowered the creator royalty on all NFTs traded in its ecosystem from 9% to 3.3%.

- Coinbase NFT announces that it will pause Creator Drops for the time being in order to "focus on other features and tools."  The team does clarify that they are not shutting down their marketplace, simply refocusing their current priorities.

- Budweiser tweeted an image of art inspired by recent NFT collection Checks.


Thursday 2/2

After a week of big announcements and roadmap activations we took a bit of a break to shift the focus to platforms as Manifold and Opensea both unveiled announcements regarding future updates. We did however see a series of smaller announcements from projects like Ghxsts and Creature World regarding a variety of topics. Markets saw strikingly similar levels of action to yesterday. The biggest difference was today was all about the Butcherverse, as dubbed by the newest MVHQ MVP Scottco! Jack Butcher's Checks and other derivatives were the only collections to see much traction but they ripped to new all time highs. Checks (1.65E, +100%) continued to show strength leading the day with 1800E in volume while his Opepen and Merge collections traded 550E and 400E respectively. 


Markets mimicked yesterdays data almost to the T with Opensea and Blur trading volume being neck and neck at $11 million where all major marketplaces combined to total $28 million. We took a little tumble downwards on the ETH chart though as several companies such as Apple came in with earnings below forecast causing ETH to close around $1640. 



- Manifold announced today that after the recent flurry of OEs supported by their platform they will begin charging a very small fee in order to upkeep maintenance. 

- Opensea announced a new initiative today focused on giving creators more optionality in for dropping their collections via the Opensea storefront such as launching across different chains and customizing the collection pages among other features.

- It was reported earlier that the founders and team behind the Squiggles project, not to be confused with Snowfro's eponymous Art Blocks, are under federal investigation by the US for wire fraud as well as a slew of other charges in relation to their various rug pulls and scams perpetrated through NFTs. 

- GxngYang the creator of Ghxsts announced via Twitter the avilability of Ghxsts-themed plushies with some being available as a free claim to holders of a specific NFT in the collection. - Creature World updated holders and fans of big plans for the year including the launch of a fashion brand in addition to new art coming as well according to creator Danny Cole. 

- Beeple alerted fans that he will be giving away 200 editions of a Beeple Everyday at Proof's Proof of Conference in LA later this year in May. 


Weekend Recap 2/3-2/5

A flurry of recent metas came to a head over the weekend as OE's continued to see heavy activity and CANTO threads were still the place to be for some degen fun. Checks were the clear leader on the weekend, seeing floor prices spike towards the 2.2E range on over 2000E in volume. Opepen's followed suit with floors rising above 0.2E on over 500E. DenDekaDen screamed above 5E on an exciting partnership announcement.


Weekend volume proved to be strong, with Saturday ($35 million) and Sunday ($31 million) closing much stronger than Friday's slower $28 million. Hopefully a sign for the week ahead. ETH continues to range above $1600, currently holding $1620. 



- Ryan Carson announces FLUX as the name of his upcoming project. The rollout was halted by FUD regarding the disclosure of investors, some of which have pulled out or denied having agreed to invest in the fund altogether.

DenDekaDen announced a partnership with Toei Animation, the studio behind Dragonball Z and One Piece.

BAYC gives some details on what to expect as we head into the close of Dookey Dash season.

- Cool Cats partners with Hologram Labs to introduce 3D avatars for all Cats and Pets holders. Those interested are required to apply inside the project's server.

- Momentum alpha group announces a transition of leadership.

Checks creator Jack Butcher tweeted for holders to "check metadata," revealing updated art for his monumental OE NFT project to match a VVD derivative from earlier in the day. In return, VVD offered up the same gesture.

- Memeland swept 8 BAYC NFTs for a total of 796.86E, stirring up the rumor mill for both collections.


Notable Mints:

- Loudpunx ended their public sale at a 1.5E mint price and saw floors steadily rise above 2E on nearly 600 E in weekend volume.

- Checks - Pepe Edition, an OE collection from esteemed art collector and influencer Vince Van Dough, minted nearly 240,000 times at a .0041E mint price and quickly saw its floors approach .01E.