Weekly Recap: 1/9-1/15 - MVHQ

Weekly Recap: 1/9-1/15

MVHQ Staff
Jan 16, 2023
Weekly Recap: 1/9-1/15

Monday 1/9

While fresh mints were slow, there was still a flurry of activity across the marketplace. 


Friendship Bracelets saw more mints and over 1400E in volume, however, floors dropped.  Recent mints Gabagool saw steady action with floors touching 0.16E and feetpixwtf had a few notable buys to carry its floor to 0.07E. A decent amount of red canvassed the majority of established projects. 


Overall volume still finished strong, with a $35 million closing number. BLUR paced all marketplaces with $17 million in transactions, with Opensea just behind at $12 million. ETH is holding firm above the $1300 range. 



Grails III Mint Passes were airdropped to 20 wallets, with 10 going to nested "Grail" trait Moonbirds and 10 to random nested Moonbirds holders. https://twitter.com/moonbirds/status/1612540081721724928?s=20&t=xFSjYcFyoPMAAJbcv8lLXA


Art Blocks Friendship Braclets saw over 3200 mints today as tomorrows claim deadline approaches. The increased supply saw floor prices drop from 0.7E back towards the 0.5E range. https://blur.io/collection/friendship-bracelets-by-alexis-andre


- Draftkings ReignMakers + Moonbirds collaborate for an upcoming Playoff Side Set and special RARE contest for all nested Moonbirds holders. Additionally, the Superstar list has been updated with a maximum of three players per Conference. QB Patrick Mahomes, QB Josh Allen and RB Austin Ekeler represent AFC Superstars while, WR Justin Jefferson, CMC and Jalen Hurts make up the NFC list. https://twitter.com/DKReignmakers/status/1612562679675211785?s=20&t=xFSjYcFyoPMAAJbcv8lLXA; https://twitter.com/LuckyNFTNews/status/1612474331379949569?s=20&t=xFSjYcFyoPMAAJbcv8lLXA


- Chimpers saw its Twitter account hacked. https://twitter.com/lior_eth/status/1612570199936454673?s=20&t=gr5_JUe912DFDEDfz9lwPg


Tuesday 1/10

Action and excitement gripped the MVHQ and the broader web3 space as drops and news came in hot and heavy throughout the day. Game of Thrones time rugged us all by holding a drop that lasted nearly 8 hours before their NFTs were finally distributed. Alongside this Gabe Leydon dropped the news of his grand royalty solution while the Bright Moments team unveiled the lineup of artists for their Tokyo exhibit to come. 


Volume was another strength of the day with Art Blocks' Friendship Bracelets leading the charge with an impressive 1400E in volume while Baseheads stealth reveal resulted in a wave of volume as floors fell but 1 of 1's sold for extreme premiums, including a few sales from MVHQ members, congratulations!! 


Blur and Opensea's transacted volume was much closer today than in weeks past with each exchange totaling around $11 million in volume. Major marketplace volume came in to the tune of $29 million, continuing the trend of a strong January start. ETH held its range after it's recent uptick and ended the day at $1335. 



- Coinbase is set to layoff nearly 25% of their staff in a bid to cut costs. This would mean cutting down their staff by 950 employees in an attempt to find savings during the bear market. https://twitter.com/Blockworks_/status/1612781846630203394?s=20&t=jM_7aX1c2h0UZr__QrqPLQ


- Art Blocks concluded the extended mint of their Friendship Bracelets project for now with the total supply ending up at 38863 NFTs. https://blur.io/collection/friendship-bracelets-by-alexis-andre


- Gabe Leydon took to Twitter today to announce his anticipated solution to the issues surrounding royalties. The idea centers on users staking their assets and Gabe promises his contracts are backwards compatible and open-source for any project to implement. https://medium.com/limit-break/introducing-opt-in-programmable-royalties-and-more-through-staking-by-limit-break-3a166e3749e3


- Gutter Cat Gang has announced it will be forming a Gutter Focus Group for their community to offer constructive criticism to drive the project forward with more community involvement. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd-XBXgR3bMxZ8Fkf1ldSXzF_2N2A-9i9W4pGkSl-YVeMnE2w/viewform


- Bright Moments announced this morning the slate of 11 artists in residence for their Bright Moments Tokyo collection. Among the star studded lineup include names such as Jeff Davis, Kjetil Golid and Zancan. https://twitter.com/brtmoments/status/1612880640986451975?s=20&t=6QR80JYYT1DM66-zTwg9NQ 


Wednesday, 1/11

A Yuga announcement and Mutant Hound Collar reveal helped set the stage for some steady mid-week action in the marketplace. We also saw some Monster sweeps on Friendship Bracelets and a brief floor surge back above the 0.6E range. On the eve of Azuki 1-year anniversary, the collection saw a small bump with floors running above 16E once again. 


Overall marketplace volume saw a small pop as we closed back above the $31 million mark, with BLUR bringing in over $15 million and Opensea over $11 million. ETH has really come to life over the past few days and broke above $1400 for the first time since 11/8. 



- Avalanche announces that it has been chosen by Amazon (yes, that Amazon) to help scale its blockchain solutions. https://twitter.com/avalancheavax/status/1613235554711400448?s=20&t=_Yok4nTtEaoeKtzbB-jEkg


- Yuga Labs unveiled the next layer to The Trial of Jimmy the Monkey by announcing an upcoming "Dookey Dash" event that is set to kick off on January 18th. BAYC and MAYC holders are eligible to claim a ticket called a "Sewer Pass" for free starting on 1/17 that will also be tradeable on secondary...giving an opportunity for non-holders to partake. The "Dookey Dash" game is being termed a "skill-based mint," that will reward players for the fragments they acquire. https://twitter.com/BoredApeYC/status/1613331130249256962?s=20&t=wSWEnawwIMu5ecZVYpG2sA


- Pixelmon has released an Early Preview of gameplay footage: https://twitter.com/Pixelmon/status/1612858783553945600?s=20&t=MF4--6qOFrQUSvInGO9Ldw


- Mutant Hound Collars revealed after a slight delay and currently has its revealed collection sitting at a 1.18E floor, while unrevealeds sit above 1.7E. Both collections have combined for over 2000E in transactions over the past 24 hours. 


- A Fidenza was sold for 80E and the same wallet scooped a Mega Mutant Hound Collar in return. https://twitter.com/lior_eth/status/1613221326197559320?s=20&t=_Yok4nTtEaoeKtzbB-jEkg


Thursday 1/12

High volume and bull market vibes permeated the markets yet again as the week continued to show hefty returns on many projects. Azuki celebrated their anniversary by announcing Hilumia, the next piece in its ever unfolding lore. While some found it underwhelming, it lays the groundwork for natural growth instead of the shock and awe of another airdrop.


Mutant Hounds and Collars combined for over 2300E in volume while Beanz had yet another day of over 500E themselves. These projects propelled volume upwards again to a fantastic $38 million across all major marketplaces. Blur capitalized on this the most by trading $19 million on its platform while Opensea traded $14 million not far behind in what seems to be a general rally across markets. 



- Memeland announced that all Treasure Mapz have been airdropped to waitlisted wallets. Holders can reveal their Mapz through the Memeland dashboard. https://twitter.com/Memeland/status/1613519672087052293


- Farokh and Rug Radio announced the drop date for their upcoming PFP mint. Rug Radio PFPs will mint on February 6. https://twitter.com/farokh/status/1613349279556304898


- On their 1 year anniversary, Azuki unveiled a new portion of their website, Hilumia. Hilumia shows various shops and centers of activity in what may become the Azuki universe. Not much else is known at this time. https://twitter.com/AzukiOfficial/status/1613600118472847360


- The SEC has reportedly charged both Genesis and Gemini with violating laws regarding securities relating to cryptocurrency products. https://twitter.com/Blockworks_/status/1613665511102971906?s=20&t=IHGW3D53_prXjaWWafKgvg


Notable Mints:

- Project Fox minted out this afternoon for .0049E before quickly gaining traction among influencers and degens alike, rocketing all the way to .085 before retracing to its current floor of .077E. Several whales have taken to the project with some even receiving honorary Foxes in their likeness. https://blur.io/collection/0x839c6ca36f51fc2dbf466e027b8a57f840dc9c57


Weekend Recap 1/13-1/15

A handful of new mints and a big Saturday crypto pump helped keep the action alive throughout the weekend. Opepens, a KID called BEAST, Smashverse, and Createra all showed up to the minting party with varying degrees of success. Friendship Bracelets kept their activity hot with a massive 150E+ sweep from Pranksy. Checks VV was also a big winner with over 700E in weekend volume and floors nearing 0.2E. Saturday saw BTC fire above $21,000 and ETH wicking as high as $1600 in a welcomed rally.



- Logan Paul released a video apologizing for his role in the now-defunct CryptoZoo NFT project and states that he will offer up to $1.3 million in refunds and details a 3-step plan for the future of the project. https://twitter.com/LoganPaul/status/1613961266984255515?s=20&t=mxKnv_4pZ63OuznX672jJg


- BAYC released a new video that explains the latest Sewer Pass and Doookey Dash updates: https://twitter.com/BoredApeYC/status/1614320726911188995?s=20&t=e2ckhb_aocEsXaZodfdH9A


- Theatre subscription service, MoviePass announced the completion of its seed round led by Animoca Brands and will now venture into web3.  https://twitter.com/Variety/status/1613560164304539649?s=20&t=TE7XNT33kr8CV4D9eArfrg


Deadfellaz announces three new Official Advisors to their team with backgrounds in being a former Corporate Attorney, FaZe Clan executive and Entrepreneur. https://twitter.com/Deadfellaz/status/1614065201917349889?s=20&t=nLVrLAREAVk7aksrzhbNNA


Gutter Cat Gang completed its first community focus group with an aim of sourcing ideas for continued brand growth. The topics included marketing, IP, lore and other pain points the project has vowed to improve upon. https://twitter.com/GutterMitch/status/1613991905813008388?s=20&t=bIko7VQBxAonN4W_BtSpJA


- Parallel held its Pack Drop #6, with all reservations selling out in under a minute. https://twitter.com/ParallelTCG/status/1614391129088184321?s=20&t=e2ckhb_aocEsXaZodfdH9A


- Metamask announces a new staking mechanism via its Portfolio Dapp and now allows ETH staking with Lido or Rocket Pool. https://twitter.com/MetaMask/status/1613953273957945352?s=20&t=e2ckhb_aocEsXaZodfdH9A


- Punk6529 announced @mindzeye, @oveck, @benstraussphoto as the three Meme Card artists for this week https://twitter.com/punk6529/status/1614665958659919872?s=20&t=by-gmCr1U-L9nuKy0NCxRw


- y00ts dropped a brief teaser trailer https://twitter.com/y00tsNFT/status/1614245559753379843?s=20&t=mxKnv_4pZ63OuznX672jJg


Notable Mints: 

- Createra sold out its 2500 supply free mint collection and saw its floors rip to its current 0.76E on nearly 600E total volume. https://blur.io/collection/createra-genesis-land


- Opepen, a free mint, currently sits at 0.04E on nearly 400E total volume. https://blur.io/collection/opepen-edition


- a KID called BEAST began its Allowlist mint, but was forced to pause after many AL addresses could not be found. Mint will continue at a currently unknown time. It's current 6325 supply is holding a .35E floor on over 900E volume. https://blur.io/collection/akidcalledbeast


- Smashverse sold out after transitioning to a free mint after slower-than-expected initial results. The project currently sits at a 0.06E floor on just over 200E in volume. https://blur.io/collection/smashverse