Weekly Recap 2/13-2/20 - MVHQ

Weekly Recap 2/13-2/20

MVHQ Staff
Feb 20, 2023
Weekly Recap 2/13-2/20

Monday 2/13

It's the calm before the storm as the entire Web3 community braces for everything BLUR has in store for tomorrow, in what is one of the most anticipated events in recent Web3 memory. We have been waiting for this day for months, and now everything is just around the corner. We were lucky enough to be the very first onboarded onto BLURs platform and it will be fun to see the community be rewarded for its patience.


With that being said, make sure you continue to stay safe and vigilant of scams that are sure to be prevalent across socials. Only interact with official links from official sources.


Overall marketplace volume regained above weekend lows to close at a healthier $30 million with BLUR leading the way at $13 million in transactions. ETH continues its recent sputter, now sitting below $1500.


Good luck tomorrow fam, Let's fucking cook!



- BLUR announced details for its much-anticipated airdrop and $BLUR Token Generation Event (TGE) with the festivities set to open tomorrow at 12PM EST. Care Packages will also be eligible to be opened at the same time. 

- AZUKI introduced two new BEANZ characters, Jay & Jelly, while taking the opportunity to funnel engagement to its official BEANZ Twitter account in what appears the next stage of storytelling from the project.

- Coinbase announces that it will support the $BLUR token upon its launch. 

- NFT Collector and Influencer Cozomo de' Medici makes a historic donation after giving 22 NFT's from their collection to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The donation marked the first of its kind on-chain. 

- Magic Eden detailed some improvements to its platform including "one-click sign-in, instant sell, stat updates, and attribute count filtering." 

- Frank DeGods states that 535 DeGods NFTs that were burned over a year ago have re-appeared as BTC Ordinals. 

- MEE6 NFT will "mostly pause development" of future Web3 plugins. 


Notable Mint

- Art Blocks Presents: Renders Game by artist MountVitruvius sold out its 325 supply at a 1.46E Dutch Auction rung. The collection saw over 500E in volume and currently boasts a 3E floor. 



Tuesday 2/14

Valentine's Day will now be known as Blurentine's Day as one word overtook degen's mind today; Blur. Headlines were few and far between as the Web3 space braced for the most impactful airdrop in quite some time with pro-trading platform finally delivering on their promise of giving power to the traders through their own Token Generation Event. The $Blur airdrop saw action across several floors, most notably with Otherdeeds (1200E vol., 1.74E FP) and AKCB (900E vol., 2.6E FP) being the biggest contributors to daily volume. 


The Valentine's Day stimulus most traders received had a negative impact on gas seeing gwei spike to over 800 at points as traders made the most of their fresh liquidity with DeFi plays. This caused somewhat depressed volume across the markets compared to yesterday with total volume across all major marketplaces coming in at $26 million while Blur led the pack again with $12 million I volume compared to Opensea's $9 million. 



- Blur officially launched their $BLUR token today, heating up both the crypto and NFT markets. Metaverse HQ members in particular benefitted heavily from this as the community has seen literal millions of dollars in profits flood in thanks to being so early in the Beta program. Congrats to all who did so well! 

- Magic Eden has added the ability to pay for NFT purchases via a credit card, thus making the on-ramp for non-crypto natives that much easier to enter Web3. 

- Zed Run released a limited edition set of skins in honor of Valentine's Day.

- A 1/1 Lebron James card was purchased via auction today on the Superrare platform used for their daily fantasy contest offerings.



Wednesday 2/15

BLUR stimmy szn was in full effect today as the marketplace was glowing with green across the board. The injection of liquidity has seemingly ignited floors for the majority of projects, reminiscent of fruitful Bull Runs of the past.


Aside from the elation hangover of yesterday's festivities, Dookey Dash led the headlines with a metadata refresh, announcement of the winner and rank reveal on all Sewer Passes. Another day and another big cook for MVHQ as the Dookey Dash leaderboards were littered with high-ranking members, much to the thanks of a few community studs (@0xJJangBang (JJ), @!!!xJokerJonnyx , @Jow) 


In total, we saw 14(!) different collections eclipse 1000E in volume, with Otherdeeds leading the way amassing over 8100E in transactions on the day. Some of the biggest gainers were Moonbirds with nearly a 20% increase in floor price up to 7.4E, Cool Cats up 40% to 2.4E and ON1 Force up 20% to 1.39E. 


In perhaps the most exciting development on the day, total marketplace volume checked in at a sultry $65 million, up over 170% from yesterday's close.  BLUR smashed the marketplace volume leaderboard by bringing in over $48 million in daily transactions, with OpenSea closing at a paltry $11 million. ETH also decided to play nice today and surged towards $1700 and is currently ranging around $1650. 



- Dookey Dash Sewer Pass metadata was updated today, revealing scores across each pass. BAYC officially announced gaming pro Mongraal as the winner of the competition. Big sales came in a hurry with Rank 58 going for 25E. 

- A day after its massive token launch, BLUR stayed on the offensive by revealing its updated royalty plans. 

Polygon announces that legendary gaming company Square Enix will bring their upcoming project called Symbiogenesis to its ecosystem. 

Pudgy Penguins are bringing 3D Pengus to life in a new partnership with Hologram Labs. 

Sappy Seals Founder, wab.eth, announces that the popular meme project is "launching a gamified freemint collection on Bitcoin." The event will be open to the public. 

Draftkings Reignmakers has airdropped Crafting Tokens to all holders of 2022 Player Cards, bringing utility to this past seasons cards as we head into the NFL offseason. 

Lamborghini is launching an upcoming NFT collection on the Veve marketplace. 

Mutant Hounds unveiled their 2023 Roadmap which includes a "Fusing" event, lore building and merch. 

- End of Sartoshi holders were told to "refresh metadata" which revealed updated art and a snapshot announcement for an upcoming free 20k mint. 



Thursday 2/16

Degens and farmers alike came out in full force today to utilize the recent $Blur airdrop as well as get a leg up on earning bid points ahead of the next airdrop. Multiple collections saw volume over 500 ETH including Cool Cats (550E), On1 Force (90)E), Sewer Passes (1400E), and Otherdeeds (3400E) however much of this was fueled by users accepting aggressive bids on Blur's platform. Regardless, volume is volume and today showcased the hunger of NFT traders to put their recent stimmies to work. 


The massive uptick in volume meant that major marketplaces totaled a massive $97 million in ETH traded. Just for reference this is upwards of 3X the volume we have been used to trading over the past few months! Blur was clearly the catalyst for the surge as reflected in their platform trading a commanding $79 million with Opensea falling far behind with a paltry $12 million in comparison. ETH took a ride of its own all the way up to $1740 before falling again to $1660 where it closed the day. 



- Rarible announced today that they will support the Tezos blockchain on its marketplace moving forward. 

- A snapshot for the Kith and Invisible Friends has been delayed by 24 hours according to their team. 

- Xcopy minted a new NFT that is currently being auctioned off via SuperRare. The current bid stands at 46.969 ETH. 

- Sandbox announces a partnership with Japanese animation studio, Toei. 

- Gary Vee announced The Eruptions, a series of burn events for Veefriends S1 and S2 along with Book Games. These burns will reward holders with new NFTs, physicals, or IRL experiences. 

- Popular NFT-based trading card game, Parallel, has announced its closed alpha will launch on Feb. 28. This will be the first look into the gameplay and mechanics in real time for many holders. 

- Puma took to Twitter to reveal they would be launching their Super Puma NFT PFP collection next week for a mint price of .15 ETH. 



Weekend Recap 2/17-2/19

BLUR continued its marketplace onslaught by amassing over $100 million in 24-hour volume on Saturday, and nearly $200 million total over the weekend...clearly outpacing the rest of the competition. Its token, $BLUR, also saw new highs by touching above $1.35. The NFT marketplace remained alive and bustling with activity as plenty of liquidity was leftover from last week's stimmy. 


MAYC has seen nearly 6500E in 24hr transactions, while the entire Jack Butcher ecosystem surges upwards with Opepen's being the most notable as floors currently sit above 0.45E. Green continued to light up the scoreboard for the majority of collections with established projects like Chimpers, Cool Cats, Renga and On1 Force all seeing strong floor movement. 


 BLUR's stranglehold atop the leaderboard was made clear this weekend as it accounted for over 80% of all marketplace volume, an astonishing changing of the tides that has seen OpenSea clearly react on the defensive. Surely, this will be a fun storyline to watch play out and reflect on as we move forward into the future of Web3. ETH continues to play nice just under $1700. 



- SONY is partnering with the Astar Network to help bring solutions to some of its blockchain-related questions and problems. 

Jack Butcher hints at a opepen pfp with this sly tweet, causing Checks and opepens to surge. 

OpenSea announces 0% fees in a Royalty model similar to BLUR's, for a limited time at least. 

Yuga Labs responds to claims that the BAKC logo was copied from a Easy Drawing Guides artwork in 2021.  The team has replaced the logo on OpenSea already.  

- BLUR lowered the time between accepted bids to 1 hour.

GQ Magazine announces its first ever "digital art drop." 

- Ghxsts provided two updates on Roadmap for Mxnsters and an upcoming mint titled "Elemxnts" set to launch on 3/13. 

- Collab.Land announced a token claim and airdrop that will distribute 15% of its $COLLAB token across the top 100 most engaged Web3 communities. The claim is set to begin on Feb. 23. 

- STEPN announces an Airdrop for Genesis Collection Holders based on a Feb 12th snapshot. 


Notable Mint:

- Ghost Boy sold out its 6666 supply collection at a .025E mint price and quickly saw its floors touch 0.5E.  Floors currently sit in the 0.32E range on over 4400E total volume. https://blur.io/collection/ghost-boy-lives