Weekly Recap 2/20-2/26 - MVHQ

Weekly Recap 2/20-2/26

MVHQ Staff
Feb 27, 2023
Weekly Recap 2/20-2/26

Monday 2/20


The Jack Butcher Meta rages on as volume continues to surge into his ecosystem of collections. Opepen Edition saw another 6600E in volume today as floors ran towards 1E and currently hold the 0.85E range. Both Checks Editions and Originals brought in well over 1700E in volume, respectfully, in their own right as well. New mint byteGANS saw floors run above 3E on a small supply. Moonbirds took a 6% tumble with floors heading toward the 6.5E range after PROOF ecosystem concerns while MAYC continued to lead the volume leaderboards with nearly 10,000E in activity. 



- PROOF Collective announces that it's PROOF of Conference event has been canceled.  The event was originally scheduled to take place from May 11-13, but saw an extreme lack of demand. 

- Pudgy Penguins will work with Retail Monster in a partnership aimed at bringing the Pudgy Toyline to life for "retailers around the world."  

- Webaverse announces the alpha launch of it's new AI Character studio 

- Web3 Sleuth ZachXBT unveils their latest findings on madman.eth, an alleged scammer and Twitter hacker. 


Notable Mint:

- byteGANS sold out its 1,111 supply collection at a 0.33E mint price and saw floors run as high as 3E before settling into its current 1.8E range on over 1400E volume.



Tuesday 2/21

All of Web3's attention was still turned firmly on Jack Butcher with his Opepen Edition the darling of the day. Opepens (3300E) were one of three projects that cleared the mark of 1000E in daily volume alongside Otherdeeds (1900E) and Sewer Passes (1500E). These were the highest profile collections of the day as Franklin continued farming bids and Yuga Labs shed light on the next phase of their interactive mint starting tomorrow. 


Total marketplace volume exceeded $101 million, marking the fourth consecutive day with volume at that level. Blur was unsurprisingly the frontrunner again chalking up $80 million while Opensea followed behind with $15 million. ETH had a bit of a rocky day closing out at $1635 as a majority of crypto saw red across the board. 



- The BAYC shared details on the next phase of their interactive mint beginning tomorrow titled, Lick the Toad. Get ready to get back in those sewers for one more week of fun! 

- DraftKings announced today they will be expanding their Reignmakers offerings with the addition of The PGA Tour NFTs, beginning with a Genesis Pass drop on March 1st. 

- Kevin Abosch began the burn of his Open Edition piece with a novel twist where AI determines the amount of time that burning is available. 

- Popular artist Des Lucrece penned a 1-year deal with premier auction house, Sotheby's. 

- Up and coming artist, Terrell Jones, announced he is partnering with Sotheby's to auction off a 1/1 work by him. 

- Blur released a series of updates to the platform surrounding their Loyalty Score and other features seemingly taking shot at Opensea in the ongoing royalty wars. 



Wednesday 2/22

Headlines and bid farming kept the action alive across the marketplace as BLUR users continue to grind out their rewards. Yuga's new Toad Mode officially went live, Coinbase teases an event for tomorrow and On1's saw a small pump on a new ownership announcement. While volume on the day remained healthy, a majority of established projects saw red with Captainz being an exception as floors rose 12%, back up to 4.45E. 


Overall marketplace volume closed above $100 million for the 5th straight day, with BLUE leading the way at over $102 million in transactions. ETH has been a little wobbly the past few days but has settled in the $1630 range. 



Bored Ape Yacht Club announces their Lick the Toad event is now live for all Sewer Pass holders.  The game window will be open for one week.   

Coinbase teases an event set to take place on tomorrow without any other details.  The team also airdropped 1000 Blue Dot NFTs that represent "every Coinbase product and the underlying platform of crypto we build on."  

- Art Blocks unveils upgrades for a native secondary marketplace with new functionality for listings/delistings which will also enforce royalties for creators. 

ON1 Force emphatically announces that the founding team has "100% exited the company," and ownership has officially been turned over. The new group is led by the Old Fashioned Research fund and former Executives from ventures such as Binance and Yield Guild Games. 

Cool Cats announce its next "Journey" is set to begin on Thursday at 3PM EST. 

Kevin Rose tweets a new list of releases and updates in an attempt to be more transparent with the PROOF community. 

Uniswap announces that users can now purchase NFTs using any ERC-20 token in your wallet. 

NFT Nerds and LooksRare announce a partnership with more details to come. 

Jenkins the Valet announces that holders of their Writers Room NFT's can now license their characters or pass the offer along to someone else, all done through its website. 


Notable Mint:

- Super Puma sold out its 10,000 supply at a 0.15E mint price and saw floors run up above 0.25E on over 1200E volume. 



Thursday 2/23

It was another day in Butcherdise as Jack Butcher's collections dominated the charts yet again. Many collections saw red across the board, including the chart toppers Checks and Opepen Edition even though both pulled in more than 600 ETH a piece. The Blur bidding action slowed up quite a bit as floors retraced as traders were more careful with throwing around their liquidity.


Total marketplace volume fell below the $100 million mark for the first time in nearly a week as it rounded out at $86 million. Blur unsurprisingly led the way with $68 million with Opensea following up with $13 million. ETH continued its range to close the day at $1650. 



- Blur and LooksRare announced today that they will both be hiding icons representing tokens that are flagged as stolen on Opensea's platform. Users will still be able to unhide the icon if they desire. 

- Wolf Game has announced a series of in-game updates to improve the user experience moving forward. 

- Worldwide Webb revealed in an interview that they have raised $10 million in funding from Pantera Capital to build out their blockchain-based game.

- Three Arrows Capital will be liquidating a portion of their much-vaunted NFT collection. The collection is home to many grails from collections like Ringers, Fidenza, and Cryptopunks. 

- Spotify will soon be testing token-gated playlists on their platform in limited regions based on specific NFT holdings. 

- Coinbase announced Base,  a new Layer 2 solution built on the Optimism infrastructure. 



Weekend Recap 2/24-2/26

It was a rollercoaster of a weekend as BAYC whale MachiBigBrother got caught with his hand in the cookie jar and was forced to dump over 40 Apes on the floor, briefly pushing Ape floors down into the 55E range on Friday. Ape floors quickly recovered back into their current 70E range. The Memeland ecosystem saw nice action this weekend with Potatoz back over 2E and Captainz headed back towards 5E. Butcher-mania continues to rage on with Opepens reclaiming 0.8E and both Checks variations ending In the green as well. 


Overall weekend volume trended down with Saturday closing at $74 million, and Sunday's $60 million being the lowest closing number since the BLUR stimmy on February 14th. After a brief dip back into the $1500's ETH finished the weekend strong back above $1600. 



Ryan Carson announces a departure from Web3 and Twitter while also stepping away from his popular show the Daily Dose. The Daily Dose community will now be under the watch of ZenAcademy ,as worked out by Zeneca and Carson.

Blur announces the removal of third-party flag restrictions.

ON1 Force releases a Medium article outlining its Season 1 of Rebirth under new ownership.

Memeland tweets that it has placed a 999 WETH bid on the Dookey Dash Golden Key, valued at just over $1.6 million.

Memeland also announces UI/UX updates to its Dashboard.

- Artist Ariel Jade, previously of Starcatchers fame, announces her new role with Cool Cats as an illustrator.

RTFKT and Ledger are partnering up for 3 RTFKT designed Ledger wallets and other creative initiatives.

- Valhalla announces the opening of its own marketplace.

- Metroverse announces that the team will be ending future development and is shutting down after a year and a half of building.

- Overlord.xyz teases a video and details its upcoming gaming platform.

- DeGods, y00ts and Pudgy Penguins linked up for a collab party at NFt Paris.