Weekly Recap 3/25-3/31 - MVHQ

Weekly Recap 3/25-3/31

MVHQ Staff
Apr 1, 2024
Weekly Recap 3/25-3/31

Monday 3/25


This Monday was a bit more momentous than most as Metaverse HQ opened the doors for their 2024 key mint! Housed completely within the MVHQ App, current key holders began burning and minting their new keys for a new bull market. Meanwhile, Pike Finance hosted their $P token pre-sale and now comes the awkward period between throwing money in into a black hole and waiting patiently to see if it comes back out as worthless or 100x more valuable. Oh the joys of working in crypto.


ETH NFTs saw their usual churn of farming volume. Azuki (4.9E) was a standout, however, due to their 20% appreciation on the day. I wonder if there may be an announcement in the works. Major crypto ripped with strength with BTC hitting $70.5k, ETH at $3650 and SOL near $195.



  • Pike Finance began their multi-phase pre-sale after a few hiccups occurred to start it off. Now begins the long wait until announcement of their TGE date.

  • The London Stock Exchange is set to go live with their own Exchange Traded Notes for BTC and ETH later in May.

  • Portal announced their first Launchpad Partner, Somo, where holders and stakers are set to receive gated benefits.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • The 2024 MVHQ Key mint is now live for current token holders on the MVHQ App! Members have until Thursday of this week to renew their membership at a reduced price before it moves into Allowlist and finally Public phases if any supply remains. So get your 2024 keys while you can as this shapes up t be the biggest year in HQ history!



Tuesday 3/26


Another day, another seemingly avoidable hack where millions are stolen. Many were enjoying a sleepy Tuesday until Munchables on Blast was exploited for $63 million, leaving holders in dire straits. There were calls to fork the chain and essentially "un-do" this massive mistake while others spoke up against such a proposition. Whichever outcome prevails, it will sure be a week to remember for Pacman and co. On a lighter note, Gunzilla Games announced another round of fundraising, bolstering their already overstuffed coffers ahead of their upcoming mainstream launch on Playstation and Xbox consoles.


NFTs had an uneventful day of trading as BTC and ETH marketplaces both topped out around $20 million each with SOL registering even less. BTC, ETH and SOL ended the day relatively unchanged with BTC at $70.4k and ETH around $3600.



  • Gunzilla Games, the team behind the upcoming shooter Off the Grid, announced a raise of $30 million to support their upcoming launches on Xbox and Playstation stores.

  • The US Department of Justice has accused crypto exchange KuCoin and its founders of avoiding anti-money laundering laws.

  • The Optimism blockchain announced today they have allocated 850 million $OP in retroactive rewards for builders of all kinds.

  • Munchables, one of the leading games on Blast, was exploited causing nearly $63 million to be drained from supposedly "locked" funds.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • The Member mint window for 2024 MVHQ keys is live now through tomorrow! But if you're still looking for a way to join the allowlist ahead of Thursday's Allowlist phase, head over to the MVHQ App and complete your Last Chance Mission before time runs out!



Wednesday 3/27


The best part of waking up is FUD in your cup! And that's just what the space awoke to with news of the SEC's court case against Coinbase moving forward. Crypto reacted negatively to this news, although it doesn't seem all bad as Coinbase expected this and even registered a small win in their favor for wallet app. AnimeChain and their Azuki partnership took up most of the other airwaves, however the collection itself didn't respond too positively to the news, seeing a 6% pullback to a 4.9E floor. BTC closed the day at $69k, ETH near $3400 and SOL around $180 after falling further during the morning's FUD and recovering slightly.



  • AnimeChain was the big announcement of the day coming from Animecoin, where the chain will be built atop Arbitrum and feature Azuki as their first major partnership and IP collab.

  • Kamino issued an update ahead of their Season 2 Points Program launch, which also detailed an upcoming snapshot of Season 1 points on March 31st. $KMNO is firmly on the horizon.

  • Illuvium announced a Series A funding round close with $12 million being added to the gaming company's stockpile of funds.

  • Ethena Labs posted today that they will begin airdropping their governance token, $ENA, to protocol users as early as next week.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • Missions, missions and more missions! The MVHQ App has a host of new Missions available to ALL users! So head over to the App to get started with our partners like Dormint, Blastr and more!



Thursday 3/28


Airdrop April got another bullish tailwind as the Wormhole team announced the official launch of $W next week. Parcl also dropped tokenomics and details ahead of their TGE next month, as degens lick their lips thinking of where this fresh injection of magic internet money might go. Ordinals were the "It girl" for traders with INK on BTC minting on Magic Eden's launchpad. The collection ripped right out of the gate and after several hours holds a floor of .085 BTC and has already surpassed 200 BTC in volume.


Crypto rallied across most top coins and even some of the more popular memecoins, paricularly DOGE and WIF. The big three of BTC, ETH, and SOL closed the day at $70.5k, $3550 and $188 respectively.



  • Everybody's favorite Real World Asset-based project, Parcl, announced specific tokenomics of their upcoming airdrop of $PARCL, set to debut in April.

  • SBF, crypto's number 1 villain, was finally sentenced in court for his role in the FTX collapse. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison as well as a multitude of fines.

  • INK on BTC, a hot new Ordinals project, minted today with extremely strong price action in terms of floor price and volume, bringing some big wins to many Ordinal natives.

  • Wormhole Wednesday is coming next week, as the Wormhole team announced next Wednesday will be the launch of their $W token.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • The 2024 MHVQ Mint has moved into the Allowlist phase! If you completed the MVHQ Allowlist Mission then that means it's finally your turn! Be quick because you only have 24 hours before it moves to a higher price in the Public phase and we'll see you all inside of MVHQ!



Friday to Sunday 3/29-3/31


The Easter Holiday didn't slow down Meme Season as tokens continued to rip seemingly everywhere we look. Over on Base, the mania escalated further after two notable NFT project Founders, Sartoshi (MFers) and Poopie (Doodles), launched meme coins of their own. $MFER was launched with a legit whitepaper and is being integrated directly into the MFer ecosystem, while $POOP has no direct affiliation with Doodles. On BTC, Ordinals had another big weekend with the reveal of INK keeping floors solid at 0.036 BTC and ON1 FORCE: THE F4LL3N minting and revealing to the tune of a 0.027 BTC floor.


Volume on ETH led the way over the weekend with nearly $17.5M in transactions, followed closely by BTC at $16M and SOL at $15M. Variety is the spice of life and we are certainly getting it in spades here in the crypto world, lots of action in even more places. Let's buckle up and keep enjoying the ride!



  • Luca Netz, Founder of Pudgy Penguins is featured on the most recent cover of Forbes magazine.

  • Ghostface Killah of Wu-Tang Clan fame is dropping a new track exclusively on Bitcoin via Ord.io.

  • Sartoshi, Founder of MFers, airdrops $MFER to all MFer NFT holders on Base and deems MFercoin "a peer-to-peer electronic mfer system." 20% of the coin was airdropped to MFer holders while the remaining 80% will go towards LP funding.

  • Doodles co-Founder Poopie launched a meme coin aptly named $POOP. The coin was airdropped to holders and of the Doodles ecosystem, and also those who minted even if sold.

  • On1 F4LL3N, an Ordinals collection, sold out on Magic Eden at a 0.016 BTC public mint price with floors holding strong post-reveal at 0.028 BTC.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • ...And just like the MVHQ Mint Week is over! Welcome to all 2024 members both new and old! Your support means the world to us and we can't wait to unveil what is in store for the rest of 2024.