Weekly Recap 4/1-4/7 - MVHQ

Weekly Recap 4/1-4/7

MVHQ Staff
Apr 8, 2024
Weekly Recap 4/1-4/7

Monday 4/1


Do you hear that? If you listen closely you might just hear the sound of degens across the globe collectively groaning as they pack their bags for the preeminent meeting digital art and token lovers alike, NFT NYC. Yes, NFT NYC kicks off later this week and you could feel it in the air. Much of the space was quieter to start the week, surely due to many preparing or traveling to the Big Apple for the festivities. The most notable news item was Pixelmon dropping a trailer for their own Anime project, leaving many wondering, "Just who was asking for that anyway?".


Crypto was the more eye-popping subject as some truly ugly downward swings were seen in the market as BTC fell below $67k and ETH treads water at $3350. NFT volume was lackluster with marketplaces topping out around $17 million for both of the big dogs BTC and ETH.



  • Pixelmon came swinging off the top rope this morning by dropping an announcement and trailer for an upcoming Pixelmon-themed anime they will release titled, Nova Thera.

  • NBA player Patty Mills was photographed wearing an outfit from GMoney's 9dcc Fall Collection.


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Tuesday 4/2


Airdrop April is here and what better way to start it off than this cycle's latest yield darling, Ethena! Ethena opened the claim for their $ENA token which got the juices flowing in the degens with Wormhole tomorrow really set to open up some liquidity. Adding even more fuel to the fire, Tensor announced their token will go live next week! It may be April but it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas from where I'm standing.


NFTs still couldn't find their footing in the market as their volume and crypto's broader price action continued to spiral downward. ETH led the pack in the multi-chain marketplace wars with $18 million in volume, propped up by more farming as BAYC and Pudgies both fell below 12E. Memeland assets were one of the rare winners on the day, with Potatoz up by 12%, as it seems their Memenet announcement was met with slight bullishness. BTC ended the day at $66k and ETH at $3300.



  • After nine long months, $TNSR, the governance token for Tensor, finally has a launch date! The Tensor Foundation announced that $TNSR will be claimable next Monday, April 8th.

  • Ethena, a yield-farming protocol, kicked off their TGE with an airdrop of $ENA to stakers in their Season 1 campaign.

  • Uniswap launched their popular swapping service on Blast today, much to the chagrin of Thruster and Bladeswap.

  • Paradigm, one of the leading crypto VC firms, is reported to be looking to raise roughly $750 million to seed a new fund according to CoinDesk.

  • CoinDesk also reported that a wallet controlled by the US Government moved over $2 billion worth of BTC siezed from Silk Road moved funds to Coinbase in anticipation of potential liquidation.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • Friend Tech's airdrop is right around the corner so if you're kicking yourself for missing it, then why not make sure you're early for the next one? Scottco has it all scouted out with his recent write-up on Circle.Tech! Head over to The MVHQ Blog to see how you can get started with the next big socialfi project built on Base!



Wednesday 4/3


Wormhole Wednesday finally arrived and just in time for NFT NYC to kick off! Many degens, farmers and traders alike rejoiced at the sight of free money once again thanks to Wormhole's liquidity injection as they take to the rainy streets of New York to revel with their PFP compatriots. Azuki and Zeus Network also released sizable announcements of their own as the day was relatively quiet after the bustling action of the morning.


NFT markets, however, did not enjoy the same enthusiasm. Volume on all major chains dipped even lower than yesterday's already low numbers. Hopefully the good vibes in NYC and fresh money in their pockets will make its way to the marketplaces to revitalize some NFTs that could desperately use it. BTC and SOL marketplaces traded a near-equal $11 million each with ETH not faring much better at $15 million. Crypto prices also remained relatively flat from yesterday's drop with ETH at $3300.



  • Wormhole opened claims and trading for their coveted $W token, to the delight of farmers everywhere.

  • Parallel announced it will soon be coming to the Epic Games Store for direct and download and that users can Wishlist the game now.

  • Azuki revealed the Character Designer behind their upcoming anime series, Kinu Nishimura, who's worked on series such as Street Fighter and Gundam.

  • Zeus Network announced a raise of $8 million, just as their $ZEUS is set to launch tomorrow.


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Friday to Sunday 4/5-4/7


A big cheers to all of the greater NFT and Crypto community that descended upon The Big Apple for NFT NYC. The spirit of Web3 is as alive and well as ever, and some good old-fashioned IRL bonding helped reinforce that notion. For the degens that could not attend, Bitcoin once again ruled the week with Ordinals and Runes dominating volume. Runestones clear over $500M in market cap while BTC Puppets keep ascending with floors briefly touching above 0.4 BTC. The meme coin carousel also continued with $HOBBES on SOL, $TOSHI, $KEYCAT, $AERO on Base and $PAC on Blast all having life over the weekend. Solana gave users a bit of a headache with congestion issues impacting activity.


Bitcoin led all blockchains with over 58% of total volume market share and bringing in over $150M for the week, followed by ETH at $118M and SOL with $70.5M.



  • Coinbase is planning to list $TNSR alongside Solana tokens BONK, FIDA, and ORCA with this weeks Asset update.

  • The US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled in favor of Coinbase in lawsuit, confirming secondary crypto sales on its platform don’t violate Securities Exchange Act.

  • Frank DeGods caught the attention of world famous DJ, Marshmello, after clarification was needed that an impersonator was used as a publicity stunt in NYC.

  • BLAST NFTs are now available to trade on OpenSea with bidding available in wETH.

  • Based Punks minted out at a 0.008E price and soared as high as 0.79E with current floors settling at 0.41E.

  • Doodles announce a "groundbreaking storytelling experience" in collaboration with Pharrell Williams, coming Summer 2024.

  • Mocaverse announces the next evolution of its MocaList as a new "co-branded token launchpad" in partnership with Coinlist.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • Another NFT NYC in the books and MVHQ's presence was felt in the Big Apple. Much love and many thanks to all of our members who were able to come out to our event on Thursday. Great food, chill vibes and the togetherness of MVHQ all in one place. Can't beat it. A big shout out to Divebarsrule for hosting the MVHQ fam at Ace's Pizza!

  • Catch a double-header of MVHQ shows tomorrow with Wake and Jake lifting up your morning with a fresh look ahead on the week with JakeandBake and TopHatCat at 12PM EST, followed by The BossDawg Ordinals Show where RossBoss and Wafdawg spit some fresh alpha on the red hot Ordinals ecosystem at 5PM EST! Both inside MVHQ Voice Chat!