Weekly Recap 4/10-4/16 - MVHQ

Weekly Recap 4/10-4/16

MVHQ Staff
Apr 17, 2023
Weekly Recap 4/10-4/16

Monday 4/10

There wasn't much green to show across the marketplace as most notable NFT projects continued to see depressed floors on lower marketplace volume. Reddit confirms its next "Digital Avatar" launch, Cozomo unveils a star-studded exhibit and Doodles search for their Community Council to top off a variety of newsworthy items on a relatively quiet day. Milady's led the day with another 1300+ ETH in volume, with BAYC, Azuki and MAYC the only others to top the 1000E volume threshold. 


Overall marketplace volume checked in at just over $40 million with ETH spiking back above $1900 and BTC cracking back over $30,000!



Reddit officially announced its Gen 3 Avatar collection is set to drop tomorrow in the afternoon, but remains without an official time for launch. 

- Nike's .SWOOSH campaign and Our Force 1 collection tweeted a detailed thread that outlines what to expect along the way, including an upcoming digital poster airdrop. 

- Doodles has opened applications for roles on their Community Council. 

- Parrallel provided details on its upcoming play test and Metaguild tournament, with both set to take place this weekend. 

- Cozomo  de'Medici announces an upcoming exhibition set to take place in Times Square. The event will feature notable artists such as Beeple, DeeKay Motion, FEWOCiOUS, Claire Silver, XCOPY and more! 



Tuesday 4/11

Today was one for the projects as we saw several announcements from the likes of Adidas, Moonbirds, and Cool Cats. Most notably Adidas revealed their recent ALTs by Adidas will in fact function as an official PFP curated by their team. The markets were a bit on the quieter side with most of the bigger projects not seeing volume. Newcomer on the scene Blocky Doge was the exception however reeling in just over $650E in volume. 


Markets overall took a small drawback from the weeks opening with total marketplace volume coming in at $38 million. Crypto markets showed a similar weakness with retraces in both ETH and BTC with ETH closing the day at $1870. 



- Reddit dropped Gen. 3 of their digital collectible Avatar NFTs today which sold out after a nearly day-long time rug. Many saw low supply and notable artists' Avatars moving for high premiums similar to past drops.

- Indigo Herz, the BAYC mascot for Adidas Web3 efforts, announced the beginning of the Alts by Adidas storytelling effort. Alts by Adidas will evolve to be a complete PFP offered by Adidas based on interaction with their ongoing story. 

- Cool Cats and Futureverse have officially partnered to bring a suite of new features to the Cool Cats ecosystem. New arrivals are expected to include a new marketplace, 3D assets with customizability and much more. 

- Moonbirds announced today that the next phase of the project, Moonbirds Mythics, will begin next week on April 17th as Mythic Egg claiming will go live. 

- Moonbirds also took to Twitter to alert their holders that anyone waitlisted for their NFT NYC x Beeple event had been upgraded to guaranteed entry. 


Notable Mints:

- Blocky Doge minted its 10k collection from co-founder of $DOGE, Billy Markus. The project launched via the Magic Eden launchpad and sold out very quickly once moving to its public phase. The Doges dominated volume today with over 650 ETH traded. 



Wednesday 4/12

It was a relatively quiet day with a smattering of action across the Crypto landscape, with the ETH Shanghai upgrade finally going live. Azuki and Chiru Labs made a move to partner with one of the world's largest IP companies. Truth Labs makes a play to secure future royalties, and VeeFriends, Manifold.xyz innovates, and Veefriends find themselves another partner in today's short news roundup. BEANZ and Azuki both saw floor gains after their announcement, with NFT Whale Dingaling also selling off some of his rare Azukis for a massive floor sweep. We closed slightly lower than yesterday's number with $37 million in overall marketplace volume, with Blur accounting for $21 million. ETH continues to chill above $1900, and BTC above $30k.



- Azuki announced a new partnership between it's parent company, Chiru Labs, and international IP juggernaut IPX in a move that aims to bring BEANZ and the popular characters from Line Friends together. 

- Truth Labs updated the metadata of all their collections while it moves to upgrade contracts in order to secure future royalties. BLUR bids will be turned off on original collections on April 13th at 12pm EST, and the team has urged everyone to not purchase any NFT from its ecosystem, including Goblin Town, once bids are turned off. 

- Manifold.xyz introduces Multiburn, a new feature to its platform that allows users to burn multiple NFTs from any contract to create a new unique token. 

- Veefriends has partnered with Courtyard, a platform that allows users to transact physical goods on the blockchain. 



Thursday 4/13

Quiet filled the airwaves for most of Web3 as NFT NYC kicks into full gear with some of MVHQ's finest making the trek out there. While the gang grilled out at the MVHQ BBQ, Starbucks announced their first quarter rewards benefits and Cool Cats revealed their Fractures will reveal into Shadow Wolves next week! Outlaws continued to see strong support throughout the day with another 1000E in volume traded and a mass of MAYC being sold via Blur bids also generating 900E in volume.


Markets took off like a rocket today with overall marketplace volume breaking above $50 million while ETH shot all the way up to $2120 and BTC held strong above $30k. 



- Starbucks revealed its first quarter reward benefits for its Web3 program, Starbucks Odyssey. Notable items include a limited edition Spring-themed cup and a month of free coffee each day among several other options. 

- Cool Cats dropped a teaser trailer today for their newest ecosystem expansion, Shadow Wolves. Fractures will reveal next Thursday, April 20th revealing a full Shadow Wolf. 

- Today the Mastercard Music Pass NFT collection was launched by Mastercard in an effort to merge Web3 and up-and-coming musicians. Holders of the NFT are given access to the Mastercard artist accelerator program in addition to other features. 

- The rumored "Solana Phone" is finally set to launch after Solana Labs announced this morning that the "Saga", an android-powered, crypto-forward smartphone will go on sale to the public next month. 

- WAGMI-san and 10KTF directly recognized that G-Tags will be the official PFP of the 10KTF ecosystem in a tweet confirming their use throughout season 2. 



Weekend Recap 4/14-4/16

It was another slow weekend across the NFT landscape as NFT NYC festivities helped capture the attention for those attending.  A big welcome home to those that did attend! Hope everyone enjoyed themselves and had safe travels. A few headlines sprinkled in throughout the weekend, but nothing really of the groundbreaking variety. Pixelmon continues its recent resurrection with floors moving back above 1.35E, up over 50%. 


Overall marketplace volume checked in just under $47 million for Saturday and $37.7 million for Sunday. ETH continues to hold strong above $1900, while $BLUR made a nice run back above $0.70, $ARB back above $1.60, and $APE with $4.50+ weekend highs. 



- NFT Influencer and Whale @Franklinisbored was forced to liquidate much of his BAYC collection in order to pay off BendDAO loans. He states that he will now take a break from NFT trading and Twitter for a while.

Twitter will reportedly enable crypto and stock trading via eToro onto its social media platform. 

- Memeland teases an upcoming GmShow without any other details or context. 

- Moonbirds unveils its next batch of artists for its upcoming Diamond Exhibition drop, including Hideki Tsukamoto of Singularity fame. 

- Sandbox and NBA star LaMelo Ball announce a partnership that aims to create a new digital playground for Ball and his fans.