Weekly Recap 4/15-4/21 - MVHQ

Weekly Recap 4/15-4/21

MVHQ Staff
Apr 22, 2024
Weekly Recap 4/15-4/21

Monday 4/15


Airdrop April's ramp up just doesn't stop! Today we got definitive TGE dates from the likes of Parcl, Sharky.Fi and more, with some of them coming as soon as tomorrow! Liquidity thy name is Airdrops. Degens quickly took to pre-markets like Whales to trade the token before it officially goes live, because I guess the current trillion coins on the blockchain aren't enough to scratch that itch.


Most of the space had their heads down in a bitcoin node preparing for the halving while NFT volume was coincidentally lackluster.Then again that's to be expected when sats and gas are in the hundreds thanks in part to crypto having another fickle day on the charts. Market uncertainty saw prices tumble in the evening as BTC and ETH closed at $62.5k and $3k as a result.



  • Parcl announced their initial airdrop of $PRCL will be live tomorrow at 1 PM UTC and has already guaranteed listings from OKX, Backpack Exchange and more.

  • Likewise, Sharfky.Fi, an NFT-lending platform on SOL, will also be launching tomorrow with users able to check their allocations now on Jupiter's launchpad.

  • Nike unveiled a new physical sneaker on offer soon, from their .SWOOSH team.

  • STEPN and Adidas announced a partnership aimed at providing digital collectible shoes on SOL.

  • The Cyberkongz team shed light on their upcoming BTC Runes project, Prometheans, with a 21k collection size and being airdropped to select BTC communities like Quantum Cats and Goosinals.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • With Runes on the horizon set to revolutionize Bitcoin Memecoins, you won't want to miss the latest episode of BossDawgs joined by the founder of the BTC Pizza Ninjas, Trevor! Trevor gave his thoughts on the upcoming event and how he is preparing, so head over to the Video Content channel in MVHQ today to catch all the alpha!



Tuesday 4/16


Okay so it turns out a deluge of airdrops all on the same day might not have been the wisest choice, but who knew? With more airdrops on the menu combined with the apathy surrounding most markets, new tokens like $PRCL and $SHARKY experienced debuts they're sure to want to forget. The Halving and Runes were still front and center in most minds especially with Memeland throwing their hat into the ring by partnering with RSIC's Runecoin for their first big Stakeland partnership.


NFT price action has been more of the same with even more focus trickling over into BTC Ordinals and away from the mainstays of ETH and SOL. The dinosaur chain had another impressive trading day with $45 million being traded across Ordinal marketplaces, while ETH and SOL NFT sales together barely tallied $25 million. Crypto itself remained close to yesterdays prices with BTC ending the day at $64k.



  • Another day means more airdrops with today's focus being on $PRCL and $SHARKY from the Parcl and Sharky teams. Price action was uninspiring for the most part, trending downward most of the day.

  • Memeland announced their premier launch partner for Stakeland, Runecoin! This is a major partnership bridging the gap between ETH NFTs and the new BTC Runes protocol.

  • Drift, a perp dex on Solana, introduced their soon-to-be-released governance token, $DRIFT.

  • BAYC teased this year's Apefest with a new graphic but this time with the specific dates of October 18-20, 2024. Apes, pack your bags!

  • Following a vote by their core community, ArcadeDAO's governance token, $ARCD, went live for trading, staking and more.

  • A16z, noted for their investments into crypto and blockchain-based startups and projects, announced a fresh raise of $7.2 billion dollars to continue their investing goals.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • The MVHQ App has a special addition today with our first Mission on the Taiko blockchain! Complete your Mission today for a chance at The Taikoons Allowlist and join the premier collection coming to Taiko!



Wednesday 4/17


Check price. Bad price. Markets were all over the place today with BTC even dipping below $60k for a period before springing back above $62k. BAYC joined in on the fun with news of selling off IP to Faraway. Let's hope this ends up with them getting back to the basics of the Yacht Club of old because things aren't looking too swell in the swamp right about now. Ordinal's march to supremacy kept right on rolling as the grand old chain dominated in the volume department yet again with $30 million, twice as high ETH's volume.



  • In the most surprising news of the week, Yuga Labs announced they have sold off parts of their IP, notably HV-MTL and Legends of the Mara to Faraway, a gaming company.

  • Kraken, one of the largest stateside crypto exchanges, released a multichain Web3 wallet today with support for ETH, SOL, BTC, and Polygon.

  • Nba Top Shot's first 1-of-1 auction concluded with the winning bid of $145k receiving an Ultimate tier Rookie moment from Victor Wenbanyama.

  • Sam Altman's Worldcoin introduced their new product, World Chain, a layer-2 solution built atop Optimism's OP tech stack.

  • Art Blocks announced their yearly conference in Marfa, Texas will be held this November 14-17.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • Runes and The Halving are less than two days away! To make sure you're prepared, head over to the MVHQ Blog to read BTCAlchemist's guide on al things Runes and what it means for BTC moving forward!



Thursday 4/18

Prices and sentiment rebounded ever so slightly today as everyone and their grandma heads over to the Signet to test their Rune minting skills ahead of tomorrow's ever-exciting Halving. All eyes are on Casey and his darling Runes Protocol which threadoors have all but promised will result in the BTC blockchain melting down. So that should be fun! Speaking of BTC, it was again the dominant contender in the volume wars with more than ETH and SOL NFT trading combined. Pre-Rune projects like Runestones and Prometheans from the CyberKongz team led the way with over two hundred BTC traded again. BTC closed the day near $62.5k with ETH around $3020.



  • Magic Eden released a trailer indicating their BTC Runes platform will go live next Tuesday, April 23rd.

  • Coinbase announced they will officially be adding DogWifHat, $WIF, to their Perpetual Futures platform offerings on April 25th.

  • Xcopy's latest piece, $lave, sold today at auction for 315 ETH, or $965,00. Congratulations to the buyer!


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • SocialFi is one of the defining buzzwords this cycle and with Blast being one of the dominant L2s, MVHQ's own CEO, Mitch, has put together a primer on District One, the leading SocialFi platform on Blast. Find Mitch's guide to District One on the MVHQ Blog and get started on your farming today!



Friday to Sunday 4/19-4/21


The 4th Bitcoin Halving was celebrated with the mining of block 840,000 on Friday, and with it came the next frontier in fungible token tech, Runes. Over 5000 Runes have since been launched with initial high fees before the hysteria settled down. Satoshi Nakamoto and the RSIC Genesis Rune continue to jockey for position for the early lead, with a handful of other tickers lurking. Pre-Rune winners in Runestones and Prometheans have also seen a surge in volume. With all eyes on Bitcoin, broader market sentiment remains cautiously optimistic with a dusting of green across some of the larger crypto tickers. BTC continues to sit just above $66K, ETH maintains at $3200, and SOL reclaims back above $150.



  • The Bitcoin Halving is now complete after surpassing block number 840,000, reducing block rewards from 6.25 BTC to 3.125 BTC.

  • Runes Protocol is now live with RSIC GENESIS RUNE, SATOSHI NAKAMOTO and THE TICKER IS ELSA being just a few of the most notable since launch.

  • Coinbase runs a primetime commercial acknowledging miners prior to the Halving.

  • BLAST is set to distribute its next batch of GOLD with another $10 million set to be sent out to dApps this week.

  • Cool Cats announce the giveaway of 2 Shadow Wolves, 3 SideKX and an OG Cool Cat for those who attend all three upcoming Spaces events on X, starting April 22nd at 6PM EST.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • Catch a double-header of MVHQ shows on Monday! Wake and Jake lifts up your morning by giving a look ahead on the week with JakeandBake and TopHatCat at 12PM EST, followed by The BossDawg Show where RossBoss and Wafdawg spit some fresh alpha on the red hot BTC ecosystem. Get caught up with all things Runes at 5PM EST! Both inside MVHQ Voice Chat!