Weekly Recap 4/17 - 4/23 - MVHQ

Weekly Recap 4/17 - 4/23

MVHQ Staff
Apr 25, 2023
Weekly Recap 4/17 - 4/23

Monday 4/17

Imagine you wake up on a Monday to start the week fresh off of a fun-filled week in NYC. The alarm goes off, you wipe the crust from your eyes, and squint just enough so your phone recognizes who you are. You check all your Discord pings and realized in the three hours you slept you missed out on 5000x returns from some godforsaken token named $SHIBASSELONROCKET.   Ah yes, Shitcoin SZN is upon us once again with today's gen wealth opportunities coming in the form of $PEPE, $CHAD, and $WOJAK for those that were able to get in early on the action. 


Overall marketplace volume was down on the day as much of the crypto landscape focused on coins. We closed just over $32.5 million across all NFT marketplaces, with ETH breaching back above the $2100 mark. 

Have fun degening everyone, be safe, play with money you can afford to lose and good luck catching the next rocket. 



Azuki announced an event in Las Vegas called "Follow The Rabbit," set to take place on June 23rd at the world-famous Hakkasan Nightclub. Azuki and BEANZ holders will be given priority and registration closes on April 24th. 

- Punk6529 tweeted a detailed reflection thread on SZN2 of his Meme Card collection and sheds some light on what to expect from SZN3.

- Moonbirds celebrated Diamond Nesting with their Parliament Twitter Spaces and unveiled a new rewards token called $TALON.  Kevin Rose compared the token to credit card reward points for holders and will aim to replace nesting. The team also offered details regarding their upcoming Diamond Exhibition, Mythics Egg claim, and the project's first short film.

-.SWOOSH confirms an airdrop of Our Force 1 (OF1) digital posters tomorrow to eligible wallets.



Tuesday 4/18

Pepe. One word gripped nearly all of Web3 today as shitcoin season proved to be in full effect. $PEPE continued its up-only trajectory netting many MVHQ members some incredible returns. Congrats everyone! Otherwise, degens got a surprise drop in the form of Trump Digital Trading Cards Series 2. Coming in hot with another 47k supply and at $99 per NFT, only time will tell if Series 2 can perform as well as Series 1. Meanwhile, NFT volume rebounded a bit from its dismal start to the week on the back of another strong day of trading for Azuki (2300E vol.) and Beanz (700E vol.).


Liquidity and volume returned to the tune of a 20% increase in volume from Monday's low to take us to $41 million traded on the day. ETH continues to see some volatility breaking over $2100 before settling at $2090 as most degens closed out the night by checking the $PEPE market cap. 



- In a move seemingly out of left field, Trump Trading Cards released an unexpected round of Series 2 NFTs. The NFTs were priced at $99 a piece with a whopping supply of 47k.

- Starbucks released more details on their upcoming second limited edition drop, the First Store Stamp. Minting begins tomorrow for early access eligible users at 9 AM PST and stamps will cost $100 USD with a 5k supply.

- Invisible Friends and Little Atlas announced a partnership to foster the growth of their community and its engagement with fellow members. 

- After two weeks, Opensea finally updated the metadata for their Gemesis collection. This update is purely cosmetic, showing distinctions between how early users were to trade via Gem. 

- Ever-enigmatic Jack Butcher released a detailed Twitter thread explaining the details and mechanics of the upcoming metadata changes for his Opepen Edition collection. 



Wednesday 4/19

MVHQ continued to relish in the ongoing memecoin action as the highly volatile, yet potentially lucrative trading activity captures the attention of the broader crypto space. While, many members have been finding their way in the shitcoin streets, a big shoutout to MVHQ member @POPPA for getting in early for a massive W.


Action in the NFT world was another sea of red as Nakamigos were one of the very few projects to come out of the day in the green, as floors rose back above 0.3E on over 350E in volume. Overall marketplace volume closed at $34.2 million, down over 20% from yesterday. ETH keeps playing in the $1950 range while its shitcoin brethren continue to attract the attention of traders.



- The Otherside posted details regarding their Vessel Nesting and vesting schedule.  The blog post, written in conjunction with the Yuga gaming team, provides insight into Legends of the Mara, decoupled Kodas, Vessels and Otherdeed Expanded NFTs.

- Yuga Labs has obtained ownership over the CryptoPunks wrapper as stated in a Tweet from the Punks official account. This will allow Yuga to be hands on with the process of wrapping CryptoPunks to the more updated ERC-721 standard moving forward.

- Sotheby's Metaverse, the auctionhouse arm for rare NFTs and digital art, announces GRAILS as a series of upcoming auctions formed from the now obsolete 3AC portfolio collection. The auctions will include notable works from collections such as Fidenzas, Chromie Squiggles, Ringers and CryptoPunks.

- Nakamigos tweet out a tease for stating that the popular pixelart pfp's are just "half the story," with more coming to holders later this year.

- NFT influencer and whale Franklin has seemingly deactivated his Twitter account. This comes off the back of recent tweets he made regarding wanting to take some time away from the space after being rugged on some investment decisions.



Thursday 4/20

Just as quickly as it arrived the shitcoin euphoria has already started to show signs of slowing as both coin and NFT traders deal with a general apathy in the space. Thankfully we were provided some levity in the form of Adidas announcing a new line of NFT-inspired merch and the Cool Cats newest collection, Shadow Wolves, beginning their mint. The markets saw a day where volume was significantly lacking with overall marketplace volume coming in at $36 million. While most collections continue to bleed the market today was buoyed primarily by The Captainz (1000E vol.) who reached a new ATH floor price of 8.14E before retracing to 7.5E, which are both still monumental tasks considering the climate. Broader crypto markets also took a hit seeing ETH fall all the way to the low $1900's before bouncing to $1920. 


Metaverse HQ was lucky enough to host the Illuminati and Goblintown founder, @AJT, as @Aslokir's latest guest for Numbers Therapy! The MVHQ alum shared his past and how he came to develop Truth Labs as well as what's next for the ecosystem in a series of big moves. Congrats on another great episode Aslo!



- Cool Cats opened the mint for their newest collection, Shadow Wolves! The Shadow Wolves are minted by burning a Fracture NFT from the ongoing Journeys interactive storytelling campaign with rarity based on participation over the last two months. 

- Adidas announced the launch of their next Web3-inspired fashion collection with shoes, jackets, and other items inspired by Indigo Herz, the blur-furred BAYC that acts as their mascot. 

- Pixelmon, recently back from the dead, released a Whitepaper today outlining their gaming initiatives and plans for decentralized gaming.  The Whitepaper addresses their Righ-of-Game (RoG) system, future governance token, and more. 

- Jack Butcher tweeted about an upcoming snapshot for Opepen Edition holders. This comes after his recent thread and announcement on the future of Opepen and how it will evolve in the future. 



Weekend Recap 4/21-4/23

While overall NFT sentiment remains sketchy and slow, we were saved in the short term by a notable new project that offers the promise of bull market dreams, Pepe Pee-Pees. Yes, nothing like meme culture to try and help resurrect more favorable marketplace conditions. A smattering of other notable headlines helped keep the marketplace's attention as Saturday and Sunday totaled just over $62 million in volume, with ETH sliding back into the $1850 range.


As the month closes out, watch the Blessings leaderboard and upcoming MVP vote here inside MVHQ.  Be sure to use your /bless whenever you see a community member helping others or providing value.  Also, big shoutout to @cryptofd for hitting on the aforementioned Pepe Pee-Pees, and filling a nice bag for himself. Congrats to all that cooked!



- Yuga Labs won a key ruling in its Trademark Case vs. Ryder Ripps, as best detailed in this thread. from @justfred_ar.

Pudgy Penguins announced a new "Brand Bible," aimed at making IP marketing for its holders more efficient and simple, with a central location for brand guidelines.

- Cool Cats co-Founder, Lynqnoid announces a departure from day-to-day operations and will now operate solely from a Board position. He also hints at an upcoming project as he continues his passion for story-telling.

- Happy Birthday Bored Ape Yacht Club! The leading NFT project turned two on Sunday!

- BLUR has added a new global activity update that allows for a more efficient NFT monitoring hub by giving users the ability to monitor multiple collections and snipe marketplace deals in one click.

- BLUR also ran into a big that allowed users to accept previously expired bids.  The team promptly disabled bids for brief time, and stated that anyone impacted would be refunded.

- VeeFriends announces a collab with Snoop Dogg featuring a new track called "Please Take a Step Back" ft. Gary Vee, dropping on April 28th. The partnership will also bring utility to holders of 2022 Veecon tickets, who can burn their tickets for a VeeFriends x Snoop NFT.

- Gutter Cat Gang introduces its official GCG Community Toolkit, which brings all brand assets to one location to help members leverage their IP moving forward.


Notable Mint:

- Pepe Pee-Pees sold out at a public mint price of 0.00369E and ran up as high as 0.09E before settling into its current 0.06E range on over 280E in volume.