Weekly Recap 6/12-6/18 - MVHQ

Weekly Recap 6/12-6/18

MVHQ Staff
Jun 20, 2023
Weekly Recap 6/12-6/18

Monday 6/12

It was a slow and unspectacular day in Web3 as marketplace activity and news slowed to a crawl. Just a few minor headlines kept things afloat to start the week with low volume and mostly red floors across the board. Polygon ushers in it's next set of feature upgrades, Yuga and Gucci showcase their KodaPendant plans and On1 Force looks to form partnerships with a new initiative. Notable gainers on the day include Onchain Monkeys with a small pop back above 2E and Sproto Gremlins reclaiming back to the 0.36E range. Overall marketplace volume checked in at $17.7 million, the lowest number we have seen in nearly a month. ETH stays resting in the $1750 range. 



- ON1 Force unveils it's Ally Program, which aims to be a resource for projects and founders to collaborate in ways that help expose "IP to a whole new user base."

- The Otherside and Gucci announce details regarding the upcoming KodaPendant claim. A snapshot of all holders will be taken on June 21 at 10AM EST. 

- DefiLlama releases a revenue tracker for NFT companies which tracks "how much each company has earned through mints and from royalties." 

- Polygon announces a new set of upgrades that are set to enhance scalability, tokenomics and governance. Polygon 2.0 aims to be the "Blueprint to build the ultimate value layer" and will announce more details and partnerships in the coming weeks. 


MVHQ Spotlight:

- Security measures are never something to take lightly, especially during slower times when our guard may be down. A big shoutout to MVHQ members Blessed and Sola for showing us resources to consider when protecting our hard-earned ETH. 


- Re-live all of our Office Hours from the past week with recordings found in our Video Content channel!



Tuesday 6/13

Continuing Monday's theme, there was very little in the way of news or action for NFTS. Notably, Yuga tweeted more extraneous details about Legends of the Mara  while CZ racked up a victory early in Binance's legal battle with the SEC. 

Markets saw their worst day in overall volume  in nearly three months as they barely traded $15 million with no collection trading over 100E other than BAYC, which is heavily influenced by Blur bidding. Ultimately ETH remained failry flat and closed the day at $1740.



- The Otherside was right on schedule for their weekly info dump where they expanded on the StarMap and gave some details how "seasons" may function within the Legends of the Mara game. 

- Adidas teamed up with to offer a new NFT mint redeemable for physical shoes designed by the influential young artist on June 22nd. 

- A federal judge denied the SEC's request in part to freeze Binance US assets giving CZ a small victory for the time being in his larger battle with the governmental entity.

- Snoop Dogg released a new NFT in the form of his Passport Series, said to evolve as he tours the globe and offer access to artist drops and exclusive experiences and merchandise from his tour. 

- Polygon announced its grand vision for Polygon 2.0, where it hopes to build a "Value Layer" among many other ambitious goals. 

- Many traders are on edge as Blur experiences its first major token unlock tomorrow with 196 million tokens becoming available to investors.


MVHQ Spotlight:

- Following up on his hits the past few days, MVHQ member Blessed, was back at it again with the alpha on Rexarria, a dinosaur hatching NFT on ETH. Thanks to his quick action and pings many members were able to secure the low supply mint on a day where it was by far the only notable new project. Great job and thanks again!



Wednesday 6/14

It was another sea of red across the NFT Marketplace as the broader crypto landscape continues to bleed.  Freshly minted, Boring Punks, was the lone exception with over 1300E in volume and floors reaching as high as 0.12E, from a 0.0009E mint price. Yuga helped nudge the news along with another Otherside update, while Guy Fieri and Sammy Hagar look to loosen up Web3 with a new tequila inspired NFT.


Overall NFT volume closed at $21.6 million, up over 40% from yesterdays lows. Crypto prices across the board took a beating as ETH finished the day down in the $1650 range. 



- The Otherside unveiled Starmap Update II ripe with gameplay details and expansion of its existing lore. 

- Celebrity Chef Guy Fieri has teamed up with musician Sammy Hagar to introduce Santo Spirits Club NFT.  The tequila loyalty program aims to reward members with perks and incentives, with a bonus NFT offered to the first 1000 members to sign up, according to Coindesk.

- .SWOOSH Our Force 1 boxes are set to reveal tomorrow, Thursday, June 15th at 3PM EST. 

- The Pharrell Pack from Doodles has revealed. Each box contains 3 wearables, a Beta Pass and a redeemable ticket for physical goods. 

- The Rocky Horror Picture Show announces an NFT launch to celebrate it's 50th anniversary  The drop is set to take place on 6/19 at a 0.1E mint price. 

- The Spirit DAO Comic is officially live 

- Kanpai Pandas announce Jeff Willard as an addition to its Advisory Board. Willard previously has experience as a lifestyle brand executive and has managed brands such as JBL Audio Harmon kardon and Beautyrest. 


MVHQ Spotlight:

- If you're a fan of Fantasy Football and are looking for new ways to get some action in slower times, then NFL Bestball might be for you! JakeandBake gives us a primer on how to get up to speed on this addicting fantasy format with some strategy and a look at the best places to win some serious cash.



Thursday 6/15

Grey Goose. Maverick and Goose. The Goose. Yes, it was a good day to be a Goose maxi as the infamous Artblocks Ringers piece sold to @Punk6529 for over $6 million during todays Sotheby's auction. The purchase instantly became the largest Art Blocks sale of all time and 2nd highest generative art sale. That's one hell of a Golden Goose. 

It was a relatively flat scene across the NFT marketplace without substantial movement for most notable collections. A few headlines that helped us keep the pace included a new BTC ETF from Blackrock, Axie Infinity gears up for its iOS launch and Proof Collective goes IRL. 

Overall marketplace volume checked in at a relatively stable $21 million which is the same closing number as yesterday. ETH continues to maintain above the $1650 range.  



- The Goose, a grail Art Blocks NFT from the Ringers collection, was sold at auction for $6.215 million (3743E) as part of the Sotheby's lot from the now-collapsed 3 Arrows Capital fund. The historic purchase was made by none other than notable NFT collector and Founder, Punk6529.

- Investment company, Blackrock, has reportedly filed for a spot Bitcoin ETF, which will allow institutional and retail investors to purchase shares of Bitcoin without the need for a wallet or use of a crytpo exchange. 

- Axie Infinity provided its June Development Update, which highlights its upcoming Apple Store iOS release, the new Mavis Market and new features coming to the Axie universe. 

- PROOF Collective announces Foundry, an IRL art space located in Downtown Los Angeles. The location will be open for 6-months and will be a hub for an artist residency program, content creation and events. 

- OnChain Monkeys completed their OCM Dimensions mint on BTC. The 300 supply mint sold out quickly with current floors holding just under 1 BTC. 


MVHQ Spotlight:

- Karate Combat has extended the registration window until June 22nd @ 11:59PM EST. It's not too late to get in on all the action, with a 100,000 $KARATE bonus to all MVHQ members. Watch. Play. Win! 



Friday to Sunday 6/16-6/19

A steady stream of activity trickled throughout the weekend as a nice combination of mainstream headlines and marketplace action kept things interesting. Grids, a free mint from artist Tristan Rettich caught fire and had floors run above 0.35E on over 200E in volume. Goblintown saw its floors shoot up over 90% after its latest game was played by top streamers. 

ZachXBT and Machi Big Brother are gearing up for a court battle after claims of defamation. Nike's .SWOOSH platform teases a partnership with Fortnite, Memeland teases an Ordinals mint and the "Bitcoin Mayor" makes a Presidential claim. ETH popped back up into the $1720 range. 

The happiest of Father's Days to all those celebrating. Hope everyone got some good familiy time in. Let's have a great start to the week!



- Fortnite and Nike's .SWOOSH are teaming up for exclusive skins, cosmetics and rewards in an "Air Max themed experience" called Airphoria.  A short video teaser was released that unveiled the partnership alongside logos for Unreal Engine and Fortnite.

- Internet sleuth, ZachXBT informs the public that NFT influencer, Machi Big Brother, is suing him for defamation regarding a previously published Medium article. Machi claims the article caused "reputational harm" and essentailly calls Machi out for being a massive scammer.  The article claims that Machi has scammed for over 22,000E across various projects during his time in Web3. Zach has set up a donation wallet to help cover legal fees.  

- Only Up, a game from Goblintown, made waves over the weekend after some of the world's top streamers, including xQc and Kai Cenet, streamed the game. 

- Memeland teases an Ordinals mint with 111 supply for MVP holders. The team also confirms that the Captainz reveal, launch of $MEME and new Ordinals mint will take place in the coming "days and weeks."

- Punk6529 details the rationale behind spending over $6 million on "The Goose.

- Francis Suarez, the Mayor of Miami, officially announces his 2024 Presidential bid. Suarez, also dubbed "Bitcoin Mayor," has been a consistent supporter of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. 


MVHQ Spotlight:

- It was US Open weekend for Golf fans and MVHQ's very own Fearless Leader, JakeandBake, finished 1st in the Draftkings Reignmakers Fiat Contest for a $10,000 prize! A big congrats on the bink! Come join the conversation in our Fantasy Sports discussion and keep up with all the weekly sports degen action. 

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