Weekly Recap 6/19-6/25 - MVHQ

Weekly Recap 6/19-6/25

MVHQ Staff
Jun 27, 2023
Weekly Recap 6/19-6/25

Monday 6/19

The NFT Marketplace slowed to crawl today as we struggled to gain much traction to start the week. The low volume day saw the Yuga Ecosystem hemorrhage with BAYC sales under 40E and MAYC under 8E, while the majority of project floors remained relatively stagnant. Headlines were also few and far between on one of the slower news days of recent memory. We closed the day with just over $16 million in overall volume, while ETH continues to play in the $1720 range.



- BLUR announces a new mobile app update which allows users to sweep, bid, list, lend andmore. Users can now also browse collections without the need to login.

- Artist Niftymonki had his piece "Departure" conclude its auction on SuperRare with an 11E final bid.


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Tuesday 6/20

While action in the NFT streets remained relatively flat, Yuga woke up the marketplace with a new HV-MTL teaser that showcases the moniker, "Build. Flex. Fight. Evolve." The short video details much of the vision from the team with some fun mechanics that should keep holders busy. Floors popped slightly back above the 0.85E range. Fortnite and Nike officially launch their unique partnership, helping to usher in a new wave of Web2 users. BAYC, MAYC and Azuki led the volume leaderboards today with no other collection eclipsing the 1000E benchmark.


Overall marketplace volume closed the day over $19.5 million, over a 20% increase from yesterday. ETH also finished the day green and now sits back above $1800.



- Nike's .SWOOSH officially launched its world of Airphoria in its new Air-Max-themed Fornite experience. The Ultimate Sneakerhunt event runs until June 27th.

- Bored Ape Yacht Club unveiled a new HV-MTL Forge trailer. The video showcases real game footage with build mechanics and voting system for bonus rewards. Season 1 is set to begin on June 29th.

- LooksRare has introduced a new affiliate program, giving participants the ability to earn up to 50% on every trade a referred user makes.

- FxHash introduces Redeemables, a new "framework that links generative artworks with onchain and offchain actions." This will allow creators to engage deeper with their holders and gives a more streamlined access to their ecosystems.


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- Our very own, @JakeAndBake is absolutely cooking after pulling in over $50,000 in profits in the crypto trading streets. Always grinding to find his edge, Jake has made huge strides in the longing and shorting department - using some of the slower times to further educate himself on other pockets of profit. Congrats on the Big Day, Jake! Stay hot! See his full post in the MVHQ  success channel.

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Wednesday 6/21

NFTs were back on the menu today thanks to strong moves upward in crypto and its continued bullish narrative surrounding even more BTC ETF filings. Big brands also dominated the headlines with the likes of Starbucks, Puma, and LaMelo Ball all making announcements. While floors may have still seen some pullbacks, volume put in another high for the week with $22 million. This was thanks to a degen mint, Black Rock and HV-MTL both trading over 150E. ETH meanwhile closed the day at an impressive price of $1910, solidifying it and BTC's moves upward.



- Parallel Alpha revealed tree ways to acquire their upcoming Parallel Avatars mint, including a public Opensea drop and a Play to Mint option.

- Starbucks Odyssey is set to launch three open editions stamps tomorrow, each for $25 per NFT.

- Big Inc., the newest project from the Truth Labs team, will begin the burn to reveal the "Employees" this Friday the team announced today.

- Gutter Cat Gang, Puma, and LaMelo Ball have all teamed up to release the MB.03 as an NFT mint through Opensea which will come with accompanying physicals. Premint is open now for holders of the aforementioned projects.


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Thursday 6/22

NFT facing news was quieter today with no notable mints outside of the degen variety jumping on the "Rock meta" fad caused by BlackRock's massive overnight success. Gods Unchained meanwhile found its way onto Epic Games Store marking a win for the NFT-powered card game. Trading volume on the day also saw a near 10% bump to the upside with MAYC trading over 600E and Milady Makers crossing the 200E threshold themselves.


Overall marketplace volume totaled $24 million as the air of slight bullishness remains in the markets for now. ETH continued in its range, closing the day at $1880.



- Gods Unchained, the popular card-based NFT game from Immutable, launched today on the Epic Games Store indicating a big step forward in their traditional gaming presence.

- DraftKings has made a number of changes to their ReignMakers platform to streamline user experience among their first year growing pains with communication and usability.

- Zora, a popular minting platform employed by many artists, has launched their own Layer 2 solution today built on Optimism's OP stack.

- Right on cue, Slim Jim launched a 10k pfp project featuring GigaJim characters for their "Meataverse" based on Polgon.


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- MVHQ was lucky enough to be joined by Artist, Analyst, and beloved Web3 personality, Resaang for an Office Hours discussing her upcoming BTC Ordinals project, Chromatica! If you missed the chat be sure to head over to the Video Content Channel to catch all the alpha from Resaang and RyanH's deep dive into her latest project.



Friday to Sunday 6/23-6/25

The NFT space sat on pins and needles Friday as they awaited Azuki's latest announcement. The team did not disappoint with their big night in Vegas as they debuted the trailer and preliminary details of their newest addition to The Garden, Azuki Elementals. The rest of the weekend was similarly Azuki dominated as more speculation and mint details slowly released with degens savoring every bit of hype after a dry couple of months.


Volume returned to highs not seen in two weeks inspired by Azuki's Elementals announcement, including a Saturday with over $30 million traded across major marketplaces. The volume was a welcome return as we head into the final week of June that promises plenty of action. Crypto and ETH saw some fluctuations before ETH settled at $1875 to close out a strong week.



- Azuki made their highly anticipated announcement at Hakkasan night club where they revealed a new 20k collection dubbed, Elementals. Azuki holders were each airdropped an Elemental Bean with a further 10k to be minted Tuesday in a multi-phase mint for Azuki and Beanz holders and a final public phase.

- Looksrare unveiled its Affiliate program that will allow users to benefit from referring others and trades they make.

- IYK has announced a new feature to add autographs to digital items with its ERC-6551 tokens. The feature is debuting for items at Paris Fashion Week.


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