Weekly Recap 7/10-7/16 - MVHQ

Weekly Recap 7/10-7/16

MVHQ Staff
Jul 17, 2023
Weekly Recap 7/10-7/16

Monday 7/10

There was no chance at a slow start to the week the way Monday kicked off with a bang. After taking their sweet time, Memeland finally announced initial details around their $meme pre-sale giving Captainz and Potatoz holders a reason to rejoice. Arkham Intelligence also announced an upcoming token, but with it came FUD around their poor practices potentially revealing personal emails of anyone who shared a referral link. Not ideal, to say the least. Add on top of that Typical Friends having a small supply stealth drop on their Twitter and degen's heads were spinning with activity like this all for a Monday!

Despite the early morning buzz, volume continued to dry up across marketplaces with only around $10 million being traded. Azuki Elementals (180E vol.) and Art Blocks (150E vol.) were the winners of the day, if you could say there were any, as ETH took a ride up to $1900 before retracing to close at $1875.


  • Better late than never, Memeland released the initial details of their highly anticipated $meme pre-sale and airdrop giving holders the announcmement they've waited months for.

  • Arkham Intelligence today announced the ability for users to trade aggregated info on any blockchain wallet address they research. This came in conjunction with the announcement of their own Arkham token amid uproar of their referral system doxxing user's public email addresses.

  • SoRare began auctions for the top 5 picks in the recent NBA Draft headlined by phenom Victor Wembanyama for NFT cards to be used in their DFS-style system next season.

  • Long-bankrupt lending platform Celsius received the court's approval to sell its altcoin holdings into more stable BTC and ETH for the purposes of its ongoing liquidation which some have warned could bring increased volatility to those markets.

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Tuesday 7/11

Monday's excitement seemed to have taken a lot out of the market as it was a rather quiet day in comparison. Nonetheless, Web3 did see some notable headlines from Starbucks Odyssey regarding their latest Stamp NFT drop along with Linea launching their highly anticipated Mainnet Alpha, giving many testnet users cause to rejoice.

The market however, matched Monday's performance to the letter with major marketplaces trading just around $10 million again. Today's volume was buoyed by the likes of Captainz (300E vol.) after a 3 hour AMA with Ray on upcoming project milestones and Parallel Avatars (150E vol.) after their successful mint out on Opensea's launchpad. ETH played in its range and ended the day at $1880, up ever so slightly from yesterday's close.


  • Linea, a Layer-2 scaling solution, announced the release of their Mainnet Alpha today. Backed by Consensys, Linea's testnet drew 5.5 million unique addresses transacting over 47 million times! With top tier launch partners and commemorative NFTs for testnet users, Linea is shaping up to be an exciting entry in Layer 1 alternatives.

  • Starbucks has teamed up with NFT character, Aku of Akutar fame for the latest Odyssey Journey.

  • Prohibition.art, a new generative art platform on Arbitrum, will launch July 18th. The platform is built on Art Blocks' engine with hopes of making art more affordable and accessible.

  • Olympix has closed their seed round funding with a $4.3 million raise. The company focuses on providing security tools for smart contract developers.

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  • MVHQ congratulates their newest launch partner, Linea on the successful launch of their Mainnet Alpha! We are thrilled to be working with a team on the bleeding edge of scalability tech and can't wait to see what the future holds!

Wednesday 7/12

Wednesday carried some momentum from early in the week thanks to Ether finally completing their public mint and beginning the reveal process after their dutch auction woke up the space this morning. Following all of Ether's secondary activity, news from 7-Eleven and Google saw more big Web2 players making positive moves in Web3.

Volume in the marketplace totalled $19 million on the day from all major sources with Captainz (250E vol.) and Ether's two collections (250E vol.) both contributing most to that trading. Meanwhile, ETH kept on crab-walking sideways to close the day at $1865 not looking to leave its range seemingly any time soon.


  • The Google Play App Store made a change today allowing NFTs and other digital assets to become available in existing and new apps. This is a notable change from their past policy and a significant step forward for the company's stance.

  • Convenience store chain 7-Eleven released its first NFT in the form of Slurpee digital collectibles. Users who sign up are eligible to receive a free Slurpee NFT on the Polygon Blockchain with chances at additional prizes including designer jewelry.

  • Earlier today Art Blocks' founder and creator of the Squiggle, Snowfro, minted 81 new Squiggles as gifts and thank you's for significant people and groups in his career. Many of these were generative artists like Emily Xie or fellow Art Blocks employees along with Squiggle and Flamingo DAO.

  • In a report published by The Block, Cool Cats is said to be working on three mobile games with the likes of nWay, iCandy, and Sync Studios. The genres of games are also reported to be an endless runner, a matching game, and a multiplayer arcade style game.

  • Sound.XYZ announced their Series A fundraising of $20 million alongside opening their music licensing and release platform to the all artists for use.

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Thursday 7/13

The vibes and energy were absolutely immaculate today as the big day finally arrived and MVHQ celebrated our very own 2 Year Anniversary! There were games, trivia, recollections with legends of the space and more! Be sure to check out the recorded stream to relive the best memories of MVHQ's first two years!

Outside of MVHQ's big day and BAYC's big party announcements, markets had quite the doozy of a day. We started early with crypto markets pumping off the news that Ripple had potentially won its court case and could be deemed as not a security under certain guidelines. This caused a cascade of green across the board and spilled somewhat over into NFTs with Captainz (400E vol.) continuing to see more volume as the $meme drop approaches along with MAYC (250E vol.) also leading in trades. Overall marketplace volume was $20 million while ETH finished the day just above $2000 for the first time in ages.


  • BAYC unveiled two upcoming IRL events they will be hosting, Fuck It Saturday which will be held in late August in Miami, Florida while the eponymous Apefest will be held in November in Hong Kong to cap off the year!

  • Jackson Pollock Studios and Iconic Moments have released dedtails on the upcoming mint of Lost Edges, said to be made from paint marks and drips that fell outside of the canvas during Pollock's career of painting.

  • Binance Labs has reportedly invested $15 million in Web3 gaming platform, Xterio. Xterio's goals revolve around AI and on-chain gaming and the synergies to be developed between the two.

  • GET Protocol, a burgeoning NFT ticketing platform, has announced a raise of $4.5 million from Web3 power players such as Flow Ventures, Animoca Brands, and the Tezos Foundation among several others.

MVHQ Spotlight:

  • Just in time for their mint, MVHQ legend Damarksman gave an expert guide to Pluto Misfits to keep members informed and ready to act on the hyped Polygon project.

  • Thank you to everyone who stopped by and enjoyed the MVHQ 2 Year Anniversary Extravaganza! We relived some of the greatest hits, reminisced with OGs, and watched Ross and Ryan quite literally chug hot sauce. Here's to two years of groundbreaking achievements and many more to come!

Friday to Sunday 7/14-7/16

All quiet on the NFT front for the majority of the weekend outside of ThreadGuy's continued refusal of increasingly ridiculous offers to swap for his MAYC pfp. This culminated with Jack Butcher creating an honorary Opepen Edition based on the MAYC with Beeple even getting in on the action. News was otherwise slow as most of the space seemed to have taken the weekend to touch some much needed grass.

Heading into the weekend, NFT sales saw a rollercoaster few days of $18, $11, and $16 million in volume traded Friday through Sunday respectively. Opepen (200E vol., +38%) was the big winner as they saw not only the highest volume of most collections, but also by far the most meaningful change in floor price. ETH also went for a ride upward to close Sunday around $1930.


  • Jack Butcher created an honorary Opepen for Twitter personality, ThreadGuy after an eventful week revolving around offers for his pfp being turned down. The Opepen is available as an open edition through Zora.

  • Christie's Auction House and Gucci have teamed up to offer a showcase in generative art and fashion featuring prominent artists such as William Mapan and Tyler Hobbs.

  • According to Lucky Trader, Verse, the art-focused platform is allegedly seeking funding to launch a product aimed at onboarding millions to NFTs.

  • Doodles announced the Inkubator, an initiative for Doodles holders to propose ideas for community growth and outreach, powered by the Doodlebank.

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  • No one quite has the alpha like BigFloppa who came through once again with a guide on a great new airdrop opportunity. Thank you for all you do for the community Floppa!

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