Weekly Recap 7/17-7/23 - MVHQ

Weekly Recap 7/17-7/23

MVHQ Staff
Jul 24, 2023
Weekly Recap  7/17-7/23

Monday 7/17


While volume remained stagnant and headlines were few and far between, a smattering of green highlighted an otherwise slow day in the NFT marketplace. Opepen Editions saw a small jump back above 0.85E, Ether Avatars gained 42% to 0.28E and QQL Mint Passes caught steam with floors back above 8.3E. BAYC, MAYC and Azuki were the only collections to eclipse 1000E in volume with DeGods coming in just under at 989E. Overall marketplace volume saw an incremental tick up but maintained a slugglish $17.1 million close. ETH keeps playing nice in the $1900 range.



  • NFL Superstar Patrick Mahomes will be releasing a new digital collection called "Museum of Mahomes." The 15k supply set is scheduled for September release.

  • Kanpai Pandas unveil their new D+RIP campaign, a new effort to "transform physical items into interactive experiences."

  • Magic Eden has partnered up with Elixir NFT to launch a new platform that will allow for self service NFT creation and distribution services.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • Make sure to read MVHQ's latest announcement from CEO Mitch Lacsamana as he pulls back the curtain on our strategic investment fundraising round, what we've been working on behind the scenes and the vision for the company moving forward.

  • 10KTF Season 2 is nearly upon us! MVHQ's Sola and 6MIL helped find mysterious items with a special utility, easy ways to get started if you're new to 10KTF, and a nice Season 1 refresh during today's Office Hours!


Tuesday 7/18


After a hopeful Monday lulled Web3 into optimism, Tuesday came and dashed hopes back to zero as collections saw red across the board. Some projects like BAYC (1300E vol., -.5%) fared better than others such as Azuki (2400E vol., -12%) which saw what felt like an endless number of sell-offs as more whales continue to liquidate their collections.

Major marketplace volume trailed off from its stronger start to the week and saw a decline to $14 million, powered by the sell-offs across all of NFTs. ETH sat in its range with most of crypto and ended the day at $1913.



  • Continuing to build in the bear, Chimpers released their latest arcade game titled Inferno Escape. The game is available to the public with a bevy of prizes from Chimpers NFTs, to artwork, and other offerings.

  • Louis Vuitton has unveiled its first piece of digital/ physical merchandise available to Treasure Trunk holders, the Speedy 40 bag redesigned by Pharrell Williams. The physical claim goes live in January 2024.

  • Pentoshi, a popular crypto Twitter influencer, has alluded to not only a penguin going to space but also a possible stealth launch of his own Penguin themed NFT project.

  • Coindesk reported earlier that VC firm Polychain Capital has raised $200 million in its fourth round of fundraising.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • MVHQ's very own founder JakeAndBake was back for a double whammy of wins where he took home the #1 finish and grand prize of $10k in the DraftKings Reignmakers PGA competition and followed up with a Field Report on his favorite new Web3 wallet. Jake's DFS wisdom and knowledgeable reports can only be found in MVHQ!


Wednesday 7/19


While marketplace volume continued to fall off a cliff, we were met with the welcome sight of a successful Art Blocks Curated drop that sold out at the 1.03E Dutch Auction rung. Gumbo, created by artist Mathias Isaksen, saw a high sale of 1.88E and has now settled back under mint price at 0.6E. Other notable floor movers included Sproto Gremlins inching above 0.75E and Azuki Elementals grinding up above the 1.2E mark. Overall marketplace volume closed at a paltry $11.3 million while ETH maintains above $1900.



  • Neopets have scrapped their planned Metaverse project after announcing Dominic Law as the new Head of Leadership.

  • Axie Infinity introduces AXP, a new Experience Points system that allows for dynamic on-chain evolutions and improvements over time. The new update is now live and can be earned through the Axie Origins game.

  • Doodles unveils details to its upcoming CAMP experience with a ribbon cutting ceremony set to take place on August 17th. Attendees will be able to shop exclusive merchandise and will also be the first to see a new collection of kids and youth products. OG Doodles holders will be able to attend a Grand Opening Meetup and elevated ticketing experience.

  • Solana Labs, the developers of the Solana blockchain, introduce a new Web3 gaming development API company called GameShift. The product will aim to accelerate game development on Solana.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • Congratulations to Cymbal on the official launch of the world's first human-readable blockchain explorer! As advisors and early testers, MVHQ has been privileged to be a part of their journey from the get-go, working closely with their team to refine and enhance the platform. The team is also giving away Opepen #8274, all you have to do is connect your wallet and Twitter profile for a chance to win. Link: https://alpha.cymbal.xyz/

  • LooksRare has a new rewards system that could yield some tasty profits for those looking to farm. Silvaserger gives an overview of the new rewards structure and how to best take advantage in his most recent Field Report.


Thursday 7/20


The gamers of Web3 let out a collective sigh of relief as Season 1 of Yuga's game, The Forge, came to a close and with it came a much-needed reprieve in the form of a maintenance period. Unfortunately, it didn't seem like degens took this break to sweep any floors as more red graced the charts with most collections seeing dropping floor prices. BAYC (2300E) and DeGods (1000E) topped the charts are volume rebounded a bit from yesterday's lows. Major marketplaces traded $14 million while ETH sat in its range and saw a price around $1890 during the daily close.



  • Opensea announced the launch of their latest platform feature, Deals. Deals allows users to offer a combination of NFTs and WETH to trade for other user's assets, acting essentially as an OTC trade without the threat of getting scammed.

  • The Sandbox game and McDonald's Hong Kong have teamed up to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Chicken McNugget by offering users a virtual playground called McNugget Land filled with challenges and experiences.

  • SoRare, a popular Web3 DFS-style platform for NBA and Soccer has outlined new initiatives for the 2023-24 season of Soccer as they gear up to build on their successful 2022-23 season.

  • The NFT Floor App has integrated purchasing NFTs into its platform capabilities. Floor App will allow purchases via fiat through in-app purchases thanks to recent changes in Google Play and Apple's app store allowances.

  • The CyberKongz team lifted the curtain on details surrounding their upcoming ecosystem expansion, Genkai. The 20k collection will cost .25E per mint, beginning next Thursday, July 27.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • 0xJJangBang brought out the big macros with his latest addition to his HV-MTL guide, this time adding an excel-spreadsheet flush with tools to track votes and timers for Yuga's newest time-sink. Cheers to JJ and his continued efforts in helping out the MVHQ fam!


Friday to Sunday 7/21-7/23


The dog days of summer seem to be upon us as marketplace activity and news slowed to a crawl over the weekend. Jack Butcher attempted to inject some life by introducing Opepen Set 010, while the original collection saw a negligible 7% pop to 0.71E. The vast majority of notable collections sank in a sea of red, with Azuki floors getting dumped below 4.5E before recovering slightly, while Elementals float around in the 0.9E range. Overall marketplace volume saw a 3-day average right around $13 million with Sundays $14.4 million topping the weekend. ETH continues to range above $1870.



  • The Simpsons unveil mini posters that include references to various NFT collections such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks and Doodles. The posters were given away at this years San Diego Comic Con event.

  • The Mastercard Artist Accelerator, in collaboration with Billboard and Warpsound, closed its music program by featuring AI generated singles from artists across the globe and will make each song available as an NFT.

  • Pudgy Penguins turn 2!

  • PROOF Collective launches a new website focused on its IRL Events space in Downtown LA called Foundry.

  • Famous Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu launches a new NFT platform that seeks to create a more positive and direct space for her fans.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • Our resident Shitcoin Queen strikes again as Jasminelights primes us for how to best avoid Honeypots and Rugs when degening the Shitcoin streets.

  • Big Floppa drops some more airdrop alpha for MVHQ members with his Field Report on Polyhedra and how we can grind double time by farming two airdrops at once!

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