Weekly Recap 7/24-7/30 - MVHQ

Weekly Recap 7/24-7/30

MVHQ Staff
Jul 31, 2023
Weekly Recap 7/24-7/30

Monday 7/24


A relatively tame day in the NFT streets was overshadowed by the launch of revolutionary digital identity and currency project, Worldcoin. Initial surges had the price of the $WLD coin touch as high as $3.30 before tapering into the $2.50 range and now settling just below $2.10. Sappy Seals saw a 25% move upwards to 0.54E to help bring some green to NFT floors, as did CyberKongz with an 11% move back to 1.15E. Overall marketplace volume held steady nearly identical to yesterdays number, with a $14.5 million close. ETH maintains in the $1850 range.




  • The highly anticipated Worldcoin offically went live today. The project, co-Founded by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, is aimed at "Building the world’s largest identity and financial network to serve as a public utility, giving ownership to everyone."

  • Draftkings Reignmakers held a keynote event that detailed the upcoming product for the 2023 NFL season. The team laid out a slew of updates that touched on product enchancements, contest plan, Franchise Score updates, new sets, and more.

  • VeeFriends have partnered up with notable toy company, Jazwares for a new Squishmallows collectible release. Each physical item costs $24.99 with corresponding VeeFriends characters eligible to claim. Claim period is set to open on July 26th at 12PM EST and public sale on August 7th at 12PM EST.


MVHQ Spotlight:


  • NFL season is almost here! Draftkings Reignmakers unveiled its Keynote Address for the 2023 season primed with updates for Year 2. JakeAndBake recaps all of the most noteworthy items from todays event and sprinkles in some of that magical Jake alpha in his latest Field Report.

  • BigFloppa comes strong once again with more alpha for the airdrop farmoooors, this time walking us through the SEI airdrop. Check out his latest farming guide in MVHQ's Field Reports channel!

  • Congratulations to MVHQ Legends Brawlers and Silvaserger for locking down tickets to next years PGA Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia. Ticket lottery entrants only have about a .5% chance to win and MVHQ nailed two! Hit'em straight fellas!

  • Tune in for MVHQ's Town Hall tomorrow at 2PM EST live inside VC Hangout! We will touch on company updates, answer your questions and welcome any feedback from the community. See everyone there!



Tuesday 7/25


MVHQ was buzzing with energy and excitement after a Town Hall filled with announcements and details of the future. Outside in the wider world of NFTs, we got ticket claim details for ApeFest and a hefty raise announcement from Flashbots.

Volume was led by BAYC (3200E) though most of it looked to be farmers churning through supply as the floor grinds ever lower. Major marketplaces accounted for $13 million in trading volume, a slight drop off from yesterday's numbers. ETH remained in its range at $1855.




  • BAYC announced that ticket claims will go live for their event of the year, ApeFest, on Wednesday at 8 PM EST. More details can be found about the Hong Kong-based event on apefest.com.

  • CyberKongz announced that their upcoming Genkai mint will allocate 3k NFTs to the Ronin blockchain, most notable for being the home of Axie Infinity.

  • Flashbots confirmed via email a Series B round of fundraising of $60 million led by Paradigm has occurred recently to further develop their SUAVE network.


MVHQ Spotlight:


  • MVHQ held a Town Hall on discord today to discuss Mitch's big announcement last week and the future direction of MVHQ. The Admin team each gave meaningful updates to their departments and we all look forward to the exciting next few weeks ahead!

  • If you missed the Town Hall but want to catch up on the big news be sure to check out Silvaserger's Field Report with a full recap or head to the Video Content channel to listen to the full recording.



Wednesday 7/26


Shitcoins and their memey relatives have been all the rage recently with many degens finding solid gains in that arena. While attention was seemingly elsewhere, Reddit released their latest generation of Avatar Collectibles, with only a few managing to sell out quickly. Another notable new collection was Vera Molnar's Themes and Variations which minted via Sotheby's Metaverse platform.

Although BAYC (1600E) retained the top spot on the collection volume chart, it was down by more than 50% from yesterday's trading numbers. Thankfully, Molnar's Themes and Variations (500E) helped to supplement the market on its exciting mint day. Major marketplace volume came in nearly identical to Tuesday at $13 million, while ETH and other crypto saw a nice pump off of the news of a .25% basis point rate hike for the US economy.




  • Renga and Haas Racing dropped more details surrounding their partnership coinciding with an Opensea Storefront NFT mint for next Tuesday, August, 1st.

  • Reddit released Gen. 4 of their Avatar collectibles todays with returning artists such as Rojom and new artists like Clon, the artist behind Cool Cats.

  • One of the earliest and most ubiquitous tools in the game, Ninjalerts released the long-awaited V3 of their mobile application following their recent website refresh.


MVHQ Spotlight:


  • Looking to switch up your routine with NFTs? Then look no further than Jasmine's excellent piece on all things memecoins on the MVHQ Blog! Jasmine dishes out the best alpha on avoiding honeypots and rugs to keep your precious memecoin bags safe.



Thursday 7/27


News was on the livlier side today with 10KTF dropping exclusive Gucci merchandise available for some of their holders and Yuga having to delay their ApeFest ticketing due to some technical difficulties. Otherwise mints were quiet yet again as shitcoins still dominate the timeline and look to maintain their hold for some time as the bot meta reaches new heights daily.

Amongst the low volume and bleeding collections there were a few that bucked the trend to perform well for one reason or another on the day. Vera Molnar's Themes and Variations (+59%) from yesterday saw a healthy pump with art collectors rallying behind it, while QQL (+20%) became the apple of Machi's eye in his latest attempt to own 100% of a collection. Marketplace volume totaled $12 million, just a slight downturn from Wednesday as ETH stayed in range around $1860.



  • Gucci and 10KTF opened claiming for physical Gucci wallets and duffle bags for holders of the Gucci Vault Material. Claiming is available until August 25th.

  • ApeFest tickets went live for claiming last night only to be paused until next week after a host of technical issues with TokenProof arose.

  • Self-touted Web3 financial super app, hi, has teamed up with Animoca Brands to secure a $30 million investment to amplify their work on a suite of products including their own hi Protocol.

  • The Sandbox has found their newest partner in The British Museum. The two are teaming up to offer immersive experiences, digital collectibles, and more.

  • As noted last week, The Floor App launched their first mint, featuring artist Vinnie Hager with a $30 open edition of his iconic style.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • Big shoutout to the MVHQ legend JJ for his consistent updates on all things HV-MTL! JJ combs through the data to find countless insights into Yuga's newest game and be it spreadsheets or vote thresholds, JJ has it covered.



Friday to Sunday 7/28-7/30


Pixelated plots and Coinbase's Layer-2 were all the rage this weekend as NFTs and shitcoins both had their time to shine. The action started with ETH XY as individual plots were bought and sold to create large tapestries of visuals, reminiscent of Reddit's recent r/place experiment. This was shortlived however, as Coinbase's L2, Base, swiftly thrust itself center stage. Memes instantly dominated the top tokens with $BALD being an especially big winner as many early users saw wild returns.

NFT volume, while strong on Friday with $15 million, dipped considerably to just $10 million on both Saturday and Sunday. This was most likely attributed to a majority of attention being on Base instead. ETH was happy to stay in range during this entire time without much net movement from $1865.



  • Curve, the popular stablecoin exchange and platform, suffered an exploit today affecting several of their native liquidity pools. Losses are estimated to be upwards of $100 million due to the error in their contract.

  • Starbucks is launching their next limited edition NFT Stamp in the form of their iconic green aprons. Minting for the 5k generative NFTs will begin August 1st for Odyssey members who have completed at least 3 Journeys.

  • The Palm Foundation has tapped ConsenSys and Polygon's zkEVM networks to grow its infrastructure and NFT offering capabilities.

  • ETHStorage, a layer-2 rollup solution, finalized details of its $7 million raise in order to build a network that can scale Ethereum by up to 1000X.

  • UltraViolet has released the Beta for Pulse, a tool that is set to measure community sentiment among NFT projects on Polygon thanks to its use of specialized bots.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • To help degens everywhere keep up with the shitcoin madness, Jasmine is back with her latest in a series of workups to address the common maladies faced by coin traders. Jasmine shares her tried and true secrets to success in finding Mooners and to lock on to that next 1000X.

  • New chain? No problem for MVHQ's JakeAndBake as he quickly put together an all-encompassing Field Report to the hottest new L2, Base, where all of Web3 spent the weekend trying out new tokens and every meme imaginable.