Weekly Recap 7/31-8/6 - MVHQ

Weekly Recap 7/31-8/6

MVHQ Staff
Aug 7, 2023
Weekly Recap 7/31-8/6

Monday 7/31


Yuga Labs doubled up on the headlines today, first announcing a new acquisition and also teasing that its Fuck It Saturday event tickets will go live later this week. Beeple had a scare after getting sim swapped and CryptoDickButts initiate a plan to handoff the company to a holder. It was a relatively slow day across the NFT marketplace as most collections showed negligible movement in either direction. BAYC led the daily volume leaderboard bringing in over 1900E, the only collection to eclipse the 1k ETH benchmark on the day. ETH continues its steady hold above $1800.




  • Yuga Labs acquires Roar Studios, an entertainment startup focused on music and the metaverse, and will integrate the company more formally into the development of Otherside.
  • Beeple was apparently sim swapped and tweeted out a message warning of potential malicious acitvity coming from his accounts. Stay safe everyone.

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club teases that Fuck It Saturday tickets will go live later this week.

  • Cool Cats have made merch from Comic Con available for sale until August 4th at 11:59 PM EST.

  • RTFKT unveils RTFKT Radio, its offical Soundcloud account loaded with collections tracks, unreleased music and music from events.

  • CryptoDickbutts go live with Series 4 and announce an interesting twist on its mint. The team reveals that the holder with the most CDB's 30 days after minting out, will be gifted ownership of all collections, the multisig treasury, Discord server, Twitter account and other related assets. All questions are being answered in the the CDB Discord.

  • PROOF unveils details regarding GRAILS IV, the latest installment of it's notable generative art collection. Next season is set to launch on August 7th at 11AM EST with a max supply of 1138. The artists have yet to be publicly named with reveal set for August 11th.

  • The Parallel Beta is now live and is open to all Alpha participants


MVHQ Spotlight:


  • TopHatCat shines a light on some of last weeks most notable headlines in the MVHQ Weekly Recap. What was your favorite story from last week? Let us know in the comments!

  • Sports Betting has quickly become a favorite degen outlet during the slower markets. MVHQ Member, Knowledge, details the best promos to attack for some free money with minimal risk in his Ultimate Sports Book Promo Guide in Field Reports.



Tuesday 8/1


A mild wave of excitement washed over Web3 as both memecoins and a profitable NFT mint were able to run on the same day, something not seen in many moons. Renga's collaborative mint with Haas Racing saw immediate action out of the gate and almost reached the same floor as the OG Renga collection in a surprising win for any and all minters. Otherwise, most attention seemed turned to the on-chain war still plaguing $CRV as many brace for what could be a potentially dire liquidation cascade if the worst case scenario unfolds.

Despite the profitable mint, volume remained on the lackluster side led by the usual suspects in BAYC and MAYC as major marketplace volume eclipsed $12 million on the slightest of day over day increases. Crypto decided to wake up in the early evening with a rather welcome pump, sending ETH back to $1860 to close the day.




  • SoRare has announced a new "Cash Wallet" option for users to trade their NFT playing cards designed for their DFS style games. This will allow users to pay directly with fiat such as USD, Euros, or Pounds.

  • Surf brand Hurley has announced plans to release NFTs along with a mobile game tie-in titled, Hurley Super Surfer, where the NFTs will offer exclusive in-game benefits and modifiers.

  • Etihad Airways has joined forces with Arcube to offer a year-long staking program to earn reward miles and other flight benefits when using Etihad for traveling.

  • Due to the regulatory uncertainty surrounding crypto and similar assets, Gamestop has decided to sunset its year-old wallet solution.


MVHQ Spotlight:


  • Wondering what the deal is with World Coin and everybody scanning their eyeballs recently? Well look no further than BTCAlchemist's recent Field Report on $WLD! In it, BTCAlchemist succinctly describes $WLD's purpose and and his own thoughts on the ethically complicated issue.



Wednesday 8/2


Headlines and marketplace action were few and far between on a slow Wednesday where we once again saw a sea of red across all notable NFT collections. Bored and Mutant Apes saw the most activity with over 3000E in combined daily volume, while no other collection ecplised the 500E benchmark. ETH continues to play above the $1800 mark.




  • HV-MTL is outperforming Dookey Dash according to Yuga Labs Gaming Chief Spencer Tucker. In an article from The Block, Tucker states that the 10-day retention rate of HV-MTL is 42%, double that of its predecessor.

  • Wreck League unveils a teaser image that includes logos for Yuga Labs and Animoca Brands, with more to come tomorrow.

  • On1 Force unveils a new rewards system that ties Twitter X profile pictures to loyalty points. Points accrue for time displayed as pfp and will be awarded every 12 hours, with bonuses for the first two weeks.

  • Nifty's, the platform that brought the Game of Thrones, Looney Tunes and The Matrix collections to life, announce their closure due to a lack of runway.


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  • Congratulations RaggaPrince on winning MVHQ's MVP award for the month of July! Ragga is consistently contributing in so many ways, providing alpha and assisting members wherever he can. A constant on our Blessings Leaderboard, the recognition has been long deserved. Salute to all of our nominees and contributors from last month, keep up the great work everyone and lets crush it in the month of August! RaggaPrince is awarded: A total of 2.5 ETH, A free MVHQ key for next year, A memento MVHQ Cover Art and the elusive MVP role.
  • Are you interested in the intersection between blockchain and AI? MVHQ Member, JPEGY, gives a detailed analysis on how these two emerging technologies can best co-exist moving forward in their first Field Report!

  • Farming season never ends as BTCAlchemist returns with more Airdrop alpha, this time on Arbitrum. Read up on how to stay busy with some low-risk chances at profit in Field Reports!

  • MVHQ is hiring! We are looking to fill two new positions: 1) TypeScript / Next.js Developer - If you're passionate about crafting seamless, user-friendly web applications and are well-versed in TypeScript and Next.js, this one's for you! 2) Solidity Developer - Calling all blockchain enthusiasts! If Solidity, Ethereum, and decentralized applications are your jam, we'd love to hear from you.



Thursday 8/3


In a day still strongly featuring coin trading, NFTs and crypto both saw positive news to buoy spirits. nWay revealed more details on their newest game backed by Animoca with partnership NFTs for BAYC ecosystem holders. Meanwhile, Coinbase announced more concrete details on the launch of their Base network. Unfortunately it wasn't in time to save the $BALD holders.

Amongst the typical sea of red across collection floors, Miladys (+10%) and DeGods (+15%) saw some nice positive movement upwards to show signs of life. Total marketplace volume came in very similar to the past few days at $12 million as ETH stayed within its range around $1830.




  • After yesterday's teaser, nWay and Animoca unvelied their newest game, Wreck League, with a teaser trailer and gameplay also being shown off. Users can now submit KYC information to qualify for their first allowlist mint.
  • After several days of degens running rampant, Coinbase oficially opened their bridge to the Base chain for users. They also announced that they would begin the Onchain Summer campaign promoting the new L2 beginning August 9th.

  • VeeFriends has partnered with Reebok to release a pair of shoes styled after the Aspiring Alpaca character. Select holders will receive early access on August 3rd with a public release later on the 24th.

  • Popular Solana wallet, Phantom, has introduced an Instant Sell feature where users can sell directly within the wallet for the best price available on the market.

  • Zora has updated their policies to offer creators nearly 50% of proceeds from their "free" mints, which in actuality come out to around $1.40 per mint.


MVHQ Spotlight:


  • Looking for more info on the perfect NFT project to pair with that morning cup of joe? Look no further than 6MIL's extensive coverage of the Starbucks Odyssey NFT program! Thank you 6MIL for your exhaustive research and Field Reports keeping our wallets full and our coffee free!



Sunday 8/6


There were pockets of activity on an otherwise quiet weekend across the NFT marketplace as we saw the recently minted Red Bull Racing Velocity Pass floor rise above 1E on over 300E volume with a major artist announcement. ApeCoin DAO releases a new handbook, Beeple hosts all the CryptoPunks and Doodles partner up with Crocs in a move aimed straight for Jacob Meyers pocketbook. ETH continues to hold firm above $1800.




  • Doodles announces a collab with Crocs footwear, set to launch sometime this month. The collection will include shoes, wearables and jibbitz.

  • ApeCoin DAO unveils a new handbook aimed at being the "go-to resource for understanding and navigating the ApeCoin DAO."

  • The Bored Ape Gazette reports that the Wreck League Mech Mint will be exclusively in $APE.

  • Art Blocks Founder, Snowfro, was announced as the next artist to participate in the Red Bull Racing Velocity Series. The generative art collection that features notable artists across the Web3 space, saw its floor price run above 1E.

  • Beeple Studios is hosting a party exclusive to CryptoPunks holders.


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