Weekly Recap 8/14-8/20 - MVHQ

Weekly Recap 8/14-8/20

MVHQ Staff
Aug 21, 2023
Weekly Recap 8/14-8/20

Monday 8/14


It was a day in which we could feel the love in the air as Machi Big Brother and ZachXBT hug it out and call a truce in their now settled defamation lawsuit, as confirmed by both on Twitter. There were pockets of activity throughout the marketplace as DeGods saw a staggering 25% decline in floor price after massive dumps into bids occured. The project now sits just under 5E after seeing nearly a 50% decline in floor price over the past week. Sproto Gremlins continue to surge, up over 40% with floors back above 1.55E, while HV-MTL also saw a 15% gain back above 0.8E. Only DeGods (5700E) and BAYC (1250E) eclipsed the 1000E mark in volume as most projects remained relatively flat. ETH continues to flirt with the $1850 range.



  • Machi Big Brother has voluntarily dropped his defamation lawsuit against ZachXBT as both parties came to an amicable resolution. Machi went to Twitter to acknowledge the good deeds ZachXBT has done for the broader crypto community.

  • DeGods unveils Points Parlor, a points rewards game for staked DeGods NFTs. Participants can stake to earn points which unlock different prize packs.

  • Wreck League announces details for its upcoming mint with their drop set to go live on Thursday at 12PM EST. The drop will be priced in $APE with majestic Boxes going for 150 $APE and Booster Boxes for 50 $APE.

  • Beeple calls for all CryptoPunks inspired art to help celebrate their "massive influence on digital art." Artist submissions will be selected at random and will receive free tickets to the upcoming CryptoPunks IRL event at Beeples Studios in South Carolina.

  • Doodles teased an image of something to come...


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Tuesday 8/15


DeGods was the name on everyone's mind yet again as the liquidation cascade continued amid a further 15% decrease in its floor price to 4.3E. Machi joined in on the fun making worries grow all the more after his recent behavior with collections in similar lending crises on Blur. On the bright side, with their churn downward they managed to trade 3200E! So that's always a nice consolation. Volume on the day remained within the bullish trend with over $18 million traded, up over 100% from lows seen just a few short weeks ago. ETH maintained its range above $1800 with little surprises for the most part.



  • CyberConnect and Animoca Brands today announced a partnership between the two to integrate a social layer for Mocaverse users.

  • Europe today beat the states to the punch as Amsterdam listed the first Domestic Spot Bitcoin ETF.

  • Art Blocks and Squiggles founder, Snowfro, took to Twitter to announce a new project of his own debuting next week. Heart and Craft will mint Aug. 24th, for .01 ETH on the Prohibition platform.


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Wednesday 8/16


It was relatively quiet across the marketplace as a low volume day slowed activity to a midweek lull. Still, digital artist 0xdgb saw their collection "The Cameras" sell out in just 11 seconds, while most other notable collections saw a sea of red across their floors. DeGods once again led the volume leaderboard with over 2400E in transactions and also announced the departure of one of their Co-Founders. Animoca was also chosen as an Amazon Web Services Activate partner. Overall daily volume closed at $12.5m, nearly 40% down from yesterdays number. ETH took a little tumble and now rests right at $1800.



  • Animoca Brands has become the newest Amazon Web Services (AWS) Activate Provider which entitles the company to up to $25k in AWS credits and various support services.

  • ALTS by Adidas announce its first ever NFT auction in a collaboration with BAPE. The 100 supply drop will open on August 22nd with ALTS Soles holders getting bid premium benefits.

  • LooksRare launches Season 3 with up to $50k in $LOOKS airdrops available to participants! Earn gems via Daily Quests or listing NFTs for your best chance at gaining rewards. The reward window is open now until October 16th

  • Zeneca introduces a new PFP collection for ZenChest holders called, Denizens of ZenAcademy. The collection aims to "reward a community of lifelong learners."

  • Co-Founder of DeGods, Finn, announces their departure from the project, stating the transition has been in progress since July and is not in reaction to any recent events.

  • Digital artist 0xdgb saw their collection "The Cameras" sell out at a 0.35E mint price in just 11 seconds with floor prices now ranging above 0.8E.


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Thursday 8/17


Machi decided to start Thursday off with a bang as he began liquidating his DeGods bags in what has now become some sick rite of passage for every major collection that falls victim to Blend. As per usual following the Machi dump was the inevitable pump of .5E off the floor spurring Degods to another 4500E day of trading volume.

The afternoon brought about an incredible series of red candles across crypto as over $700 million was liquidated in the markets with major tokens down 10% at a minimum. NFT volume on the other hand crossed the $20 million threshold shrugging off the crypto move for the time being. ETH ended the day after its down-slide at $1675.



  • Sotheby's and Yuga Labs are under fire in a lawsuit out of California stating that Sotheby's inflated the value of the BAYC collection by falsely suggesting a lot of BAYC NFTs was purchased by a "traditional" art collector when in fact FTX was the collector.

  • After rumors swirled of a potential rug, WAGMI United, the NFT project which owns football club Crawley Town FC, has reassured supporters and holders of their affirmation to succeeed as a Web3 brand and football club together.

  • Opensea announced the sunsetting of its Operator Filter which will allow for optional creator fees on new collections.

  • A judge today opened the door for the SEC to appeal a decision ruling Ripple as not a security.


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Friday to Sunday 8/18-8/20


A shakeup at Cool Cats led headlines over the weekend as Clon looks to take on a larger leadership role moving forward. CEO, Stephen Teglas, has also stepped down. Giving new meaning to RUGrats, Recur announced that it will be ceasing operations in November after raising over $50m in 2021. It was a relatively quiet weekend across the NFT marketplace but that didn't stop Milady (4.45E, +20%), Kanpai Pandas (1.18E, +55%) and Sproto Gremlins (1.72E, +17%) from getting some much needed floor attention. Bored Ape Yacht Club continues to see heavy dumps and sell pressure with bids down to 23E, as the broader crypto climate continues its recent volatility. Friday saw volume close above the $14.5m mark while Saturday and Sunday both checked in just above $12m, bringing our weekend 3-day total close near $40m. ETH is still licking its wounds from our late-week tumble as it sits in the $1670 range.



  • Cool Cats announce a change in leadership as its CEO steps down and long time Founder/art visionary, Clon, expands his scope of responsibility.

  • Yuga Labs announces a shift away from OpenSea after the popular NFT marketplace unveiled its plans to sunset its Operator Filter. Yuga will look to complete the transition by February 2024.

  • Recur, creators of Nickelodeon and other popular IP NFT collections, announces that it will shut its doors, effective November 16, 2023.

  • Magic Eden on Polygon opens a $1m Creator Fund aimed at helping the "next generation of creators build" in the Polygon ecosystem.

  • Sugartown, the upcoming game and mint from Zynga, announces their decision to make the drop a free mint!


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