Weekly Recap 8/21-8/27 - MVHQ

Weekly Recap 8/21-8/27

MVHQ Staff
Aug 28, 2023
Weekly Recap 8/21-8/27

Monday 8/21


It was a slow start to the week as another low volume day kept the NFT marketplace relatively quiet once again. Artist Sam Spratt saw huge success with his Monument Game mint, while NFL Superstar Patrick Mahomes teams up with Azuki to bring a gridiron-themed collaboration to life. NFT Floors were a sea of red, with only Bored Ape Yacht Club's 2600E in volume the only project to eclipse the 1000E threshold. Overall marketplace volume checked in at $11.5m, down nearly 10% from yesterday's number. ETH continues to maintain in the $1650 range.



  • The Monument Game, from artist Sam Spratt, sold out in just over 2 minutes at a 3.33E mint price over on Nifty Gateway.

  • Azuki and Museum of Mahomes, the digital collectible home for NFL Superstar Patrick Mahomes. The two will come together and create a set of exclusive physical cards with more details coming soon. Azuki has also enabled Mahomes digital merch equips for holders.

  • Kaiju Kingz announces The Journals of Stod, a new "Omnichain Adventure" which goes live on August 22nd.

  • OpenSea Pro adds will add a 0.5% platform fee to all listings and offers starting on August 31st.


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  • Do you like free money? MVHQ Member 0xBotwin prepares us for another airdrop grind with Ethermails Airdrop Farming Playbook! Ethermail is an innovative protocol that integrates with your Ethereum wallet to generate a unique email address corresponding to the wallet you oversee. Check out the full report in our Field Reports channel!



Tuesday 8/22


Red littered the timeline for another day as most major collections took a hit, with DeGods (-5%) and Captainz (-10%) having notable drawdowns. There was a silver lining of positivity as Sam Spratt's The Monument Game grabbed attention throughout the day. The fear in the NFT markets stretched into crypto as well with many major coins showcasing volatility as sentiment trends even further downward. Marketplace volume came in at %14 million while ETH ended the day at $1630.



  • Mercedes Benz announced a new collection with a supply of nearly 20k, titled NXT Icons, set to cover the automotive industry through the eras.

  • Doodles launched Phase 2 of their Inkubator, with this next stage focusing on greenlighting custom proposals and commercial experiments approved by the Doodles Community Council.

  • ONE Store, a leading app store in Korean markets, has partnered with Polygon Labs to support and facilitate the adoption of Web3 games and dApps.

  • Vinnie Hager announced his next project to be released, Diary, which will mint as a generative open edition on Opensea in September.

  • Binance announced today they would be looking to reintegrate US fiat on and off-ramps with MoonPay after shuttering those services on its site only one month ago.


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  • Looking for some resources on the latest trends and machinations of Web3? Look no further than the MVHQ Blog! The MVHQ Blog is curated weekly to give degens the actionable info they need to stay up to date with the blistering pace of the market. Check it out today!



Wednesday 8/23


MVHQ welcomes the Flow community to our Daily Recap distribution network! The FLOW Blockchain has long been home to some of the biggest IP such as NBA TopShot and NFL All Day. The gateway to NFT's for many of us, FLOW has played an integral part in onboarding millions of users in Web3.

There was a smattering of activity across the NFT marketplace as a few floors glowed green in a welcome sight for sore eyes. The Azuki ecosystem saw the largest collective bump as the original collection saw a 7% pop to 3.75E with Beanz (+16%, 0.26E), Elementals (+10%, 0.44E) and Elemental Beanz (+30%, 0.68E) following suit. In notable news, Sam Spratt's latest work sees a 'Monumental" $400k bid, while, Magic Eden gets a face lift, we can now pay with Solana on Shopfy, and Grant Yun teases art in 2023.

Overall marketplace volume did not fare well, as we closed at $9.3m, nearly a 40% decline from yesterday's number. On the bright side, ETH saw a subtle nudge in the right direction, currently sitting just above $1675.



  • Solana Pay is now live on Shopify, bringing the speed of Solana to one of the world's largest online merchant platforms.

  • Popular digital artist, Grant Yun, teases a new physical 1/1 is set to come sometime in 2023.

  • Sam Spratt's "The Monument Game" saw a new high bid of 242.069E, or approx. $400k!

  • Magic Eden has given their collection and profile pages a nice facelift including a fresh re-design, streamlined statistics and real-time activity window.

  • Venly and the FIBA Basketball World Cup have partnered up to create "Mementos," a commemorative digital collectible on the Polygon blockchain. Holders gain access to "exclusive perks for an enhanced World Cup experience."

  • DeGods launches Points Parlor v1.1, an updated version of its recently introduced gaming experience. New features include a strategy simulator and the removal of $DUST prizes.

  • The Wreck League reveal has been postponed until August 25th at 12PM EST.

  • Alpha Gardeners has made their popular trading bot free for Discord server integration. The AG bot aims to give an exceptional trading experience to its users with access to fast, actionable information.

  • Immutable unveils a new arcade style basketball game called "Infinite Victory," with pre-registration now open.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • Rugrats not Rugpulls, right? Well, Recur thought otherwise and our very own TopHatCat simply couldn't stand for it! Watch him ask one simple question...Where did $50m go?



Thursday 8/24


MVHQ is thrilled to welcome the Slingshot community to our Daily Recap distribution network! Slingshot's web and mobile apps work like a search engine, so that users can search and swap 70k+ cryptocurrencies on-chain, along with onboarding support and cross-chain bridging. They join us with an exciting launch coming just next week and you can follow their socials for more info!

Otherwise it was another quiet day across NFTs save for some exciting pack rips for Reignmakers players and the auction for The Monument Game coming to an end. Spratt's aforementioned 1/1 sold on Nifty Gateway for a hefty bid of 420.69E, defying any notions of living in a bear market. Despite the bullish sale, market volume was again at a low point reaching only $9 million today as ETH closed out the day at $1650.



  • Sam Spratt's auction for The Monument Game came to a close with a winning bid of 420.69 ETH! The massive work now kicks off its next phase where The Council will decide 10 finalists to move on.

  • Gala Games announced its latest NFT-powered game with Uniflow called Champions Arena. The game is a turn-based RPG with a card battle system to facilitate player action.

  • VeeFriends Series 2 have announced with upcoming renditions of Burn Island that holders will soon be able to swap backgrounds and update metadata of their NFTs.

  • The DOJ arrested two of the three founders of Tornado Cash. This comes after being charged for money laundering almost one year ago.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • The undisputed shitcoin queen herself, Jasmine, graced us with her presence on this week's episode of Numbers Therapy with Aslo! Head over to the Video Content channel in Discord to catch up on all of the alpha they spill in our newest podcast episode!



Friday to Sunday 8/25-8/27


MVHQ extends a warm welcome to the Magic Eden community to our Daily Recap distribution network! Home to a community of over 170,000 members, there's no doubt why Magic Eden are the Godfathers of Solana as they move to expand their dealings across multiple blockchains serving Web3 and degens everywhere.

Web3 and NFTs meanwhile seemed to think they had the weekend off as news and activity were extremely low. One can only assume a lot of grass was being touched this weekend. Within the lack of news, NFTs saw bursts of liveliness with Sam Spratt's Player hitting 6.9E before settling back down to 5.25E and Refik Anadol's Winds of Yamanawa rocketing all the way to 9E before finding its floor at 7.77E. Guess there's always a bit of room in the market for good art. Weekend volume came in under $10 million both days and ETH sat as boring as ever at $1650.



  • Doodles announced their collab with Crocs will be available starting August 28th between $99 and $120 for a limited time.

  • Mercedes-Benz has shed light on their upcoming mint which will sell a supply of nearly 2700 in a public dutch auction with rebate beginning at 1 ETH on September 5th.

  • SoRare has delayed the launch of their upcoming Fitness Feature suite that was set to add new utility and mechanisms for their older and outdated player cards.

  • In a recent statement, Tether announced that it currently holds a "capital shareholder cushion" worth $3.3 billion to quell any fears amid falling asset values.


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