Weekly Recap 8/28-9/3 - MVHQ

Weekly Recap 8/28-9/3

MVHQ Staff
Sep 5, 2023
Weekly Recap 8/28-9/3

Monday 8/28


The marketplace bleed carried into the start of the week as pockets of activity continue to grow sparse throughout both the NFT and broader crypto space. Still, Sam Spratt's Monument Game continues to intrigue as gameplay mechanics continue to play out as the collection saw another 100E in transactions as floors popped back up to 6.9E. Nice. Notable motivational influencer and Founder of Impact Theory, Tom Bilyeu, explains why the SEC came callin' in a suit that should have many NFT projects alarmed. Doodles make a new, but similar logo change and Animoca says "gimme all the smoke," by releasing its financials for the 2022 fiscal year.

Overall marketplace volume checked in at $7.7m, while ETH continues to play in the $1650 range.



  • Friend.tech claims that users will be opted out of earning points and will also lose existing points if found to be forking over to copied versions of its platform.

  • Tom Bilyeu, Founder of the NFT Collection Impact Theory, announces that the company has reached an agreement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in order to resolve a recent investigation.

  • OpenSea unveils ERC-7496, ERC-7498, SIP-14, and SIP-15 as new standards for technological use cases that require redeemable NFTs.

  • Doodles have livened up their logo as co-Creator Burnt Toast states that the project is "entering a new era."

  • Animoca Brands shared its "key financial and business highlights for the fiscal year of 2022," including over $402m in total bookings, up more than $100m from 2021.

  • Consensys introduces a renewed focus on builders in Web3 with a series of events aimed at providing resources and opportunities for those that continue to build in Web3. The company also unveiled a new website with a vibrant new look.

  • Notorius crypto influencer, Ben , has been removed from his own company as the team states a re-lapse in substance abuse and workplace abuse as reasons for the move.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • A highly anticipated update in the Ethereum ecosystem called ERC-4337, also known as Account Abstraction, aims to ease the onboarding flow for new Web3 users. MVHQ member 0xBotwin takes a deep dive on the new features, pros and cons and what it all means in his latest Field Report titled, "ERC4337: DeMystifying Account Abstraction."

  • Is Mercedes Benz going to airdrop us a car? or rug us? Start your week off right with MVHQ's Weekly Recap and find out!



Tuesday 8/29


Crypto Twitter and all of Web3 awoke to positive news with Grayscale's legal victory against the SEC. This news alongside speculation of an imminent decision on Spot BTC ETFs sent crypto up only across the board. NFTs shared in the exciting news with finalists selected for The Monument Game and ZenAcademy's long-awaited Denizens beginning to mint.

Volume continued its grind upward across the NFT scene with major marketplaces trading $9 million. No single collection traded more than 1000E in volume but CryptoPunks quietly climbed back to nearly a 50E floor on a day with no standouts. ETH enjoyed the Grayscale pump to close at $1720.



  • Grayscale won a major victory in court today against the SEC which many believe paves the way for Spot BTC ETF approval shortly in the future.

  • Sam Spratt announced the 38 finalists of The Monument Game from Players who left Observations. Three of these finalists will be selected to burn their edition for a Skull of Luci which holds a floor of 190 ETH!

  • Zeneca's eponymous ZenAcademy began the mint of their Denizens today with holders able to burn Zenchests in exchange for a Denizen NFT.

  • Mercado Libre and Circle have expanded to Chile to offer $USDC in the Latin American country.



  • Never one to rest on her laurels, Jasmine is back with another banger of a guide, this time spilling all the alpha on Twitter scraping and the best apps and tools to utilize. So grab a cup of tea and settle down in the FIeld Reports channel to dissect another inspiring post by Jasmine!



Wednesday 8/30


A slight uptick in marketplace activity was a welcomed sight as NFT floors lit up with green. Both Bored and Mutant Apes saw a 10% floor raise on a combined 3000E in volume while the Memeland ecosystem followed suit as Captainz and Potatoz saw over 10% gains of their own. An intriguing video tease from The Otherside confirms an open beta for Legends of the Mara is coming soon, RTFKT prepares to begin shipping some new kicks that were ordered almost 9 months ago and Mercedes Benz unveils its next set of digital collectibles. Doodles x Crocs also sold out their collaborative Clog drop as Jibbitz enthusiasts all over the world rejoiced.

Overall marketplace volume closed at $9.3m, up nearly 10% from yesterdays number as ETH rests at $1700.



  • The Otherside teases the open beta launch for "Legends of the Mara," set to release sometime in September.

  • Cryptoys announce Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Pluto as the next set of digital toys to appear in its Cryptoyverse. The official launch is expected sometime in September.

  • Mercedes-Benz NXT reveals six new designs for its upcoming "The Era of Luxury" digital collection, and hints at five more are still to come.

  • RTFKT confirms that shipping of Cryptokicks iRL will commence the first week of September. The forged physical items were originally ordered in December of 2022.

  • SuperRare officially launches Rare Protocol and Curation Staking on ETH mainnet. The new "open curation protocol" aims to unlock a creator economy and capture important onchain data in order to enhance "curation, reputation and discovery."

  • The Doodles x Crocs Clog collab sold out at the cost of $120. The bundle included a special edition pair of Crocs and 8 Jibbitz.


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Thursday 8/31


With more BTC ETF news came more delays as NFTs took a backseat in the news today for crypto to take center stage. Of course this was seen as generally negative news across the space with many hoping for approvals as soon as this week following Grayscale's earlier legal victory. In NFT land, Sam Spratt finally ended his artistic experiment with The Monument Game with three victors claiming the spoils. Despite the crypto downslide, NFT marketplace volume continued its rise to a relatively impressive $11 million while crypto's negative response to the ETF delays caused ETH to slide further downward to $1650.



  • Opensea made a fairly big announcement surrounding their new proposed Redeemable NFT Standards centered around two new ERC standards and a pair of Seaport Improvement Proposals.

  • Yet again the SEC delayed a decision until October on several Spot BTC ETFs that have been under review for months now from the likes of WisdomTree, Fidelity, and most notably Black Rock among others.

  • German airline company Lufthansa has partnered with Uptrip to offer NFTs on the Polygon blockchain to passengers.Collecting enough of them makes holders eligible for certain benfits like lounge access and flight upgrades.

  • Sam Spratt concluded The Monument Game today with The Council choosing three winning observations amongst the holders of Player NFTs. These three each received a Skull of Luci with a floor price of 190 ETH.


MVHQ Spotlight:

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Sunday 9/3


It was another slow weekend as both marketplace activity and newsworthy items were few and far between. Still, that didnt stop Machi Big Brother from tapping into his bottomless pit of ETH to spend over $800k (500E) on Mutant Mega Zombie #30002. Overall marketplace volume saw new local lows with Saturday and Sunday averaging just $7.5m in total transactions, while Friday closed with a much more palatable $10.9m. ETH continues to hold steady in the $1640 range.



  • Museum of Mahomes announces that all pieces from its most recent collection will be physically redeemable for holders.

  • The CCO of Yuga Labs, Michael Figge, teases a possible new Ordinals collection is coming next week.

  • A DeGods holder won a brand new Tesla Model 3 from the projects Points Parlor rewards game.

  • Draftkings Reignmakers sold out its Rush pack drop as Week 1 of the NFL season closes in. The packs went on sale for $49.99 and currently hold a floor of $98.


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