Weekly Recap 8/7-8/13 - MVHQ

Weekly Recap 8/7-8/13

MVHQ Staff
Aug 14, 2023
Weekly Recap 8/7-8/13

Monday 8/7


The week started off with a crawl as both headlines and marketplace activity were few and far between. Paypal introduces a new Stablecoin option aimed at increasing its Web3 footprint and DeGods led the 24 hr volume leaderboard with 555E in transactions. Price action across most notable collections remained relatively flat without substantial change. ETH continues to be a magnet to the $1830 range.



  • PayPal introduces a new stablecoin called PayPal USD (PYUSD), launching today. a

  • Frank DeGods provides some commentary on the history of DeGods and y00ts.

  • Little Lemon Friends tease that the project has been acquired, although details beyond that are sparse.


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Tuesday 8/8


It was a day that hearkened back to the summer of 2021 with time rugs, profitable NFT mints, and even some Top Shot sprinkled in to boot. Beyond the news of fx(hash)'s raise and BAYC-branded Bicycle playing cards, DraftKings dominated the airwaves. Their NFL Reignmakers for the 2023-24 season dropped their first large wave of packs with no shortage of errors along the way. Thankfully the poise and communication of MVHQ's voice chat allowed members to stay alert and secure packs in the public phase.


NFTs saw some signs of life as well with Yue Minjun's Kingdom of the Laughing Man (.72E) mint out with a high price and more than double on secondary following this. The real standout of the day was again DraftKings' Reignmakers which traded nearly $5 million volume alone on its big day. This was joined by the major ETH marketplaces trading $11 million, seeing another tick up from the lows on the weekend in an ever so slightly bullish trend. ETH itself moved up to $1855 to close the day.



  • Bicycle, famous for their playing cards, has announced an edition of BAYC-branded cards available for a limited time.

  • DraftKings dropped the highly anticipated Season 2 cards for their DFS NFT product, Reginmakers NFL. Tens of thousands of packs were sold at various price points with hefty secondary volume to follow.

  • Popular generative art minting and trading platform fx(hash) announced the completion of a $5 million seed round of funding which was oversubscribed with investors.

  • NFT and Web3 darling Jack Butcher released his latest experimental work, The Infinity Collection which is a collection with an infinite supply that is set to test the limits of rarity and price among other factors.

  • Phantom wallet is set to launch an auto-confirm feature reducing the need for more manual clicks to initiate transactions.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • With the first big launch of the Reignmakers NFL season, MVHQ Voice Chat was out in full force. Thanks to OGs and astute members like RyanH, Jake, JJ, and Roothlus, MVHQ was able to grab packs during every drop phase and clearly communicate through the chaos.Thank you to everyone for their contributions to a successful day!



Wednesday 8/9


MVHQ welcomes the Zerion community to our Daily Recap distribution network! Boasting over 86,000 members, Zerion has established itself as a leading Web3 wallet solution for the masses.


There were a handful of notable headlines on the day as Coinbase's new Layer 2 solution went live to solid fanfare. Conversation was lively inside the "Base" Focused Discussion channel as members searched far and wide for the next cook. There was a smattering of green across the NFT Marketplace with Milady's continuing its recent surge, up 20% to a 4.15E floor on over 580E in volume. Bored Ape Yacht Club (690E) and DeGods (587E) rounded out the top of the volume leaderboard on an otherwise light day for action. ETH saw a marginal tick up above $1840.



  • Jack Butcher teases a collaboration with Pudgy Penguins with some Opepen themed art.

  • ElmonX presents Leonardo da Vinci's famed masterpiece called Salvator Mundi will be made into two digital collectibles that are set to drop on Saturday August 12th at 12PM EST. The original painting sold for a world-record $450,312,500 in 2017.

  • y00ts announce that the collection will be migrating to the Ethereum blockchain and will be returning 100% of the grant received from Polygon. The team states that the goal of the move is to unite the DeGods and y00ts communities.

  • Axie Infinity introduces Mavis Hub: Greenlight, a new initiative aimed at giving the community a voice in voting for their favorite Axie Builder's Program games.

  • Cozomo de'Medici confirms a new collaboration with famed Digital Animator Deekay Motion to be launched on Base.

  • Base, the new Ethereum Layer 2 from Coinbase, officially launched with its "OnChain Summer" initiative.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • Are you dabbling in the Shitcoin streets and want to know more about tools, resources and strategy? Jasminelights has you covered with the Shits N' Gigs series. Her most recent post focuses on Sniping Token Launches. You can read all of her helpful insight inside MVHQ's Field Reports channel.



Thursday 8/10


MVHQ is excited to welcome our friends at MBM to our Daily Recap distribution network! With well over 100,000 members of their community, MBM has demonstrated yet again their commitment and focus on creating connections and driving value to their members.


Meanwhile we saw real joy and energy rejoin the space today with many jumping into the latest fad in the form of friend.tech, a way to purchase shares of influencers and other social media users on Base's L2 chain. DeGods (6400E) also saw a huge spike in trading volume due to a lackluster Season 3 announcement causing some holders to exit with a rapidly decreasing floor. Overall marketplace volume skied to $20 million, in large part due to the DeGods big day, as ETH stayed in range around $1847.



  • Gen. art group FingerprintsDAO announced the minting of their DAO membership NFT, the Voxelgylph, inspired by the iconic Autoglyphs and Protoglyphs before it.

  • After the announcement of y00ts changing chains yet again, the team followed up by introducing DeGods Season 3 with updated art and ability to change genders for a fixed price among other items.

  • Binance Labs today announced a $5 million investment in Curve DAO and the $CRV token and has hinted at offering the token on the Binance Smart Chain at some point.

  • The Sandbox Game has seen their token price decreasing as they look toward their 332 million $SAND token unlock coming on Monday. This represents more than 16% of their circulating supply and is sure to affect the price further.

  • Xverse wallet, a self-custody BTC wallet, announced a successful seed round of fundraising for $5 million to upgrade features and build out support for continuing BTC infrastructure such as Lightning and Stacks.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • 0xBotwin made his editorial debut with an incredibly informative post on Multi-Sig wallets along with their pros and cons. His in-depth write-up includes current integrations for Multi-Sigs and even some rather unknown features to really step up user's security game and can be found in the Field Reports channel in MVHQ!



Friday to Sunday 8/11-8/13


Jack Butcher headlines the weekend with more notable accomplishments after dropping a Pudgy Penguin Opepen set, while also being announced as the final PROOF Grails IV artist. Activity in the marketplace was led by DeGods as floors dipped slightly towards 6.5E ahead of their "Downgrade" reveal and Season 3 start. Captainz came to life with floors gripping back towards 5E and BASE keeps the momentum with over $200m total bridged since going live 5 days ago. ETH continues to inch back towards the $1850 range.



  • Jack Butcher's latest Opepen set goes live with 011 - "opepeng," featuring outputs inspired by Pudgy Penguins.

  • Coca Cola launches a new NFT collection on BASE as On Chain Summer rolls along for the new Coinbase Layer-2.

  • Pudgy Penguins unveil a Safety Pin soulbound token. The earnable reward will be given to those who are committed to demonstrating security safe practices.

  • DeGods kick-off the start of it's Season 3 by unveiling The Downgrade, featuring updated art with a more "fun" palette. The move to create female gender art has been postponed as the team consults with members of their community.

  • PROOF Grails IV announced Jack Butcher as it's concluding artist during this weekends live reveal event.

  • A KID called BEAST (AKCB) announces the departure of Co-Founder Krad in order to "pursue outside AI and emerging tech opportunities."


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • Did you touch a little too much grass last week? Don't worry, we have you covered! Sign up for the MVHQ Newsletter and stay cookin!