Weekly Recap 9/11-9/17 - MVHQ

Weekly Recap 9/11-9/17

MVHQ Staff
Sep 18, 2023
Weekly Recap 9/11-9/17

Monday 9/11


Social ponzi season hits full stride as friend.tech and Tipcoin continue to surge with active participants, keeping Web3 and timelines fresh. The $BANANA token launch blasted off as expected initially, before a contract bug was discovered, causing prices to plummet as the team paves its path forward. A malicious dev with roots to Milady siphoned off nearly $1m in a takeover attempt of another related project. The NFT marketplace saw a decent uptick as we closed the day at $8.4m in total volume with ETH taking a small tumble below $1600.




  • Bored Ape Yacht Club confirms The Rift will now open on Thursday, September 14th. The event had recently been delayed due to a contract bug.
  • The CEO of Remilia claims a rogue dev affiliated with the company maliciously compromised nearly $1m in funds in an attempt to take over the project, Bonkler. The dev also attemped to take over the teams social accounts. The Bonkler contract and attached NFTs are secure and the team is pursuing legal action.

  • Banana Gun Bot held its highly anticipated $BANANA token launch with prices soaring above $8 per token, before a contract bug was discovered...sending prices plummeting as the team works to fix the issue. The team has taken a snapshot and states that all holders will be airdropped tokens as they transition to a new contract.

  • Lucky Trader introduces a new optimizer for Draftkings Reignmakers, making lineup creation much easier and efficient for players.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • Your favorite influencer is doing higher volume than all NFT’s! Enjoy our latest Weekly Recap hosted by TopHatCat and see what the social ponzi craze is all about.



Tuesday 9/12


MetaMask and Friend.Tech dominated the discussion today as collections saw another wave of red across the board. MetaMask launched their newest wallet feature, Snaps, which looks to give the wallet "extensions" for wider interactivity. Meanwhile, Friend.Tech continued its ascent in popularity and ATH prices as the founder, Racer, eclipsed the 7 ETH mark per key. NFTs saw more decline sadly, with Milady (2.3E,-23%) being one of the worst victims. However, with the lower floors came more volume as we clawed above the $9 million mark across major marketplaces. ETH ended the day around the $1590 area.



  • Consensys and MetaMask released the latest update to the most popular Web3 wallet, coming in the form of Snaps. Snaps makes the MM wallet modular by allowing users to add programs similar to extensions to increase functionality and utility.

  • Web3 game studio GamePhilos announced a seed round fund raise of $8 million for their F2P strategy game, Age of Dino, set to release soon for PC and mobile.

  • LayerZero Labs announced today a partnership with Google Cloud to enhance security around its cross-chain messaging platform.

  • Magic Eden introduced a new feature called Lucky Buy where users can attempt to buy an NFT for below its floor, with the probability being based on how much $SOL users are willing to commit below the listed value.

  • A spokesperson revealed today that Binance.US' CEO had left the company amid 1/3 of the workforce being cut.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • With MetaMask's newest feature set rolling out today, Silvaserger was quick on the scene with a very timely Field Report on MetaMask Snaps and how to integrate them into your wallet today! To read the whole piece be sure to check out the Field Reports channel in the MVHQ Discord server!



Wednesday 9/13


The SEC drops the hammer on yet another NFT project, as 2021's Stoner Cats got the call to the tune of a $1m settlement. The concerning trend of SEC crackdown on select notable projects brings forward the question of how many NFT projects over the past 2 years will find themselves in a similar predicament. DraftKings Reignmakers' Primetime Rush packs were gobbled up during todays drop as DK steams up the Cryptoslam volume leaderboard, 2nd to only BAYC in total sales ($1.2m) on over 46k daily transactions! The rest of the NFT marketplace was a sea of red as floors across the board failed to gain much traction, despite increased overall volume. We finished the day at $10.1m, the highest closing number we've had in two weeks. ETH saw a small bounce back above $1600.



  • The U.S. Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) has charged the creators of Stoner Cats with conducting an unregistered crypto asset securities offering through NFTs. The project minted in 2021 and featured notable contributions from Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Vitalik Buterin and more. The team has agreed to a cease and desist and will pay a $1m fine.

  • ON1 Force announces Animoce Brands and Wreck League as official sponsors of Season 1 of its Point System, where participating holders can win over $200k in prizes.

  • WAGMI Games will release exclusive Founders Packs for their upcoming game on September 27th.

  • Yuga Labs introduces Made by Apes Bodega which will act as the official directory for all Made by Ape licenses.

  • VeeFriends and Crocs announce a Halloween event set to take place at NYC's 50th annual Village Halloween Parade.


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Thursday 9/14


The Rift opened for all the patient HV-MTL enthusiasts out there and Cool Cats began to drum up support for their Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade appearance with renders of their balloon to come. While the positive vibes were reminiscent of days past, the more unpleasant reality wasn't far away with news coming out from both Binance US and FTX.

NFT collections were a mixed bag with a smattering of some up and some down in very small percentages. Nouns (36.6E floor) were the top dog on the day with over 750E in volume traded while Nakamigos (.29E) regained the most ground with a shocking 44% move upward after their u-turn from yesterday. NFT volume maintained similar levels to yesterday at nearly $10 million as ETH hovered above $1630 for most of the day.



  • The Bored Ape Yacht Club announced the long-awaited opening of The Rift as the next major phase of their HV-MTL activation.

  • After an initial announcement was met with less than stellar reviews, Nagamigos changed course to announce their next expansion collection, Nakamigos Cloaks, will be a free mint for holders.

  • After the initial exodus of Binance US' CEO earlier this week, today they lost the Head of Legal and Chief Risk Officer as well amid more company turmoil.

  • A court in the District of Delaware ruled that now-bankrupt FTX can sell and invest its holdings in crypto in an effort to make creditors whole on their deposits.

  • A subsidiary of Animoca brands, Darewise Entertainment, announced their intention to launch the first metaverse token on the Bitcoin blockchain.

  • Cool Cats took to social media to give sneak peeks of their upcoming balloon set to feature Blue Cat and Chugs in the 2023 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • In what has recently felt like ReignmakersHQ, the top dog himself JJ released his ultimate Reignmakers Primer, and with it comes all the information anyone could conceivably need to get started on their path to RM success. For anyone looking to get started on their RM journey, be sure to peep the Field Reports channel for all of JJ's invaluable wisdom!



Friday to Sunday 9/15-9/17


DraftKings Reignmakers continues to cook after selling out all of its weekly pack drops, maintaining its recent Cryptoslam surge with over $5M and nearly 220K in transactions over the past week. Cool Cats look to introduce a new companion dynamic for its Cool Pets holders. Yuga unveils its upcoming event plans in Honk Kong, the CryptoPunks docuseries is set to go live soon and Jack Butcher introduces a new ERC innovation to Checks holders. NFT marketplaces did not fare as well over the weekend with Sunday closing under $5M, the lowest we have seen in recent memory. ETH continues to play above the $1620 range.



  • CryptoPunks and NFT Now have come together to unveil a new documentary series called "Punks As Told By CryptoPunks," set to drop on October 10th.

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club will open the Yacht Club Open House in Hong Kong on November 5th. The event is set to be an interactive experience for "creators, collectors, and the crypto-curious."

  • Cool Cats introduce SIDEKX, a new character building dynamic transformed from Cool Pets. The companion collection features a new look and access to upcoming ecosystem updates, in addition to the extension of companionship of their main characters. SIDEKX are set to come to life on September 21st.

  • Checks holders were airdropped "semi-soulbound" Checks PFP's on Friday. The PFPs are not tradeable but are mirrored to the ownership of the original Checks NFT and transfer with it as needed. The team also introduces Mirrored721 as a new ERC-721 extension.

  • Memeland announces a collaboration with TrekkiNFT


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • We degen'd so you didn't have to...come celebrate our favorite pack ripping pasttime with our new show, Let's Rip! We kicked it off by opening $1,400 worth of Reignmakers packs! Tune in, like, comment, subscribe and LET'S RIP 🔥

  • Congratulations to MVHQ's RelicCK for taking down over $50K in fantasy football prizes as he continues his early season onslaught of DraftKings lobbies!