Weekly Recap 9/18-9/24 - MVHQ

Weekly Recap 9/18-9/24

MVHQ Staff
Sep 25, 2023
Weekly Recap 9/18-9/24

Monday 9/18


Zynga's SugarTown Oras bring some life to the NFT marketplace as floors eclipse 0.35E on over 1500E in volume. A smattering of headlines helped keep us afloat on an otherwise uneventful day. Circle aims to launch a Singapore-based Web3 wallet solution. Parallel Alpha introduces a new mint mechanic for its players and Mark Cuban was phished for nealy $1M in an unfortunate hot wallet attack. Overall marketplace volume closed at $6.6M, a slight uptick from yesterdays lows. ETH stays chillin' in the $1630 range.



  • Fintech giant, Circle, has partnered with Grab to launch a Singapore-based Web3 wallet.

  • Parallel Alpha introduces Echo Replication, which allows players to use in game xp called Renown in addition to $PRIME in order to mint new cards.

  • Select Azuki holders can now claim a physical Patrick Mahomes trading card, in partnership with the Museum of Mahomes.

  • Mark Cuban was phished for over $870k in crytpo assets, stemming from a version of Metamask that contained malware.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • Why is the SEC going after Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher? Enjoy our latest Weekly Recap to see what Mr. Ginsler has up his sleeves now.

  • Come find out what MVHQ has been cookin' up behind the scenes! Join us this Wednesday for our NFT Day Town Hall followed by community poker, trivia, giveaways and ... ?.



Tuesday 9/19


NFT Day kicks off with a bang as degens, builders and everyone in between takes the time to celebrate the reason we're all here, NFTs! Events are being held globally online and in many major cities, so go join in the festivities in a city near you. Additionally, MVHQ is proud to announce a commemorative NFT mint to celebrate International NFT Day in partnership with FLOW. The mint is available by completing a Mission on our brand new platform! More announcements on the platform and future activations can be found in MVHQ's Townhall.


Outside of NFT DAY & MVHQ's big news, Yuga made headlines with their Legends of the Mara announcement date, NONE's trading bot announced their imminent closure following their massive contract exploit and Honda partnered with Animoca to begin its own entrance to NFTs. The market on the other hand was not as eventful with just a meager $6 million in volume traded, with BAYC being the only collection able to trade over 500 ETH. The price of ETH held strong in its range around $1635.



  • MVHQ's platform is now live! Head over now to get started on our very first mission with Flow for a commemorative NFT mint! Anyone who mints will instantly be entered into a giveaway for prizes such as MVHQ keys and Cryptokitties from Dapper Labs!

  • By the time you're reading this, International NFT Day will have arrived! Celebrate by joining in on some of the local events being hosted globally in a city near you and celebrate what's brought us all together!

  • Yuga's Otherside account announced that the next Otherside activation, Legends of the Mara, will begin September 26.

  • Animoca has teamed up with Honda to engage with Web3 and motorsports fans by offering membership and limited-edition NFTs.

  • NONE, a popular bot for trading, announced they would begin winding down operations of their tools, website, and all accounts in general after an exploit allowed funds to be drained from their smart contracts.

  • Bastion, a company with goals of easing integration of existing companies to Web3 audiences, announced a successful raise of $25 million for their suite of products and services.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • With MVHQ's platform going live, Silvaserger served up another Field Report detailing exactly what you need to know to get started completing missions and earning those rewards! Check it out in the Field Reports channel in Discord or look for it to go live on the MVHQ Blog later today!



Wednesday 9/20


A flurry of headlines and some appropriate NFT marketplace action helped pace activity on the day. Yuga Labs ramps up its Otherside workforce with a slew of partnerships, Moonbirds aim for the moon and DraftKings Reignmakers sells out yet another pack drop to lead today's more notable newsworthy items. NFT Floors were a mixed bag with the Pudgy Penguins ecosystem seeing green on a 10%+ pop across the board. Overall marketplace volume closed at $7.7M, a solid 25% increase from yesterday's number and a new 5-day high. ETH holds steady above the $1600 range.



  • Yuga Labs announces a parade of strategic partnerships aimed at accelerating the development of The Otherside.

  • Moonbirds with "Space Helmet" traits will be featured in the Lunaprise Museum, which aims to "archive iconic pieces of art, culture and history, on the moon."

  • Magic Eden introduces Open Editions, a "new way to release art on Magic Eden," and is set to go live later this week.

  • DraftKings Reignmakers sold out its 8800-Supply Week 3 Primetime Packs at a $39.99 price point for the third week in a row. This sets the stage for its next Premium Pack drop this Friday at a $1500 price point, set to drop at 6PM EST.

  • My Pet Hooligan launches public early access to its game in the Epic Games Store.

  • Friend.tech launches a new desktop web browser.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • It was a momentous day for MVHQ as a new vision for scale and Web3 platform were finally unveiled. Read all about today's MVHQ platform soft launch and the celebration of #NFTDay in this blog post from the legend Silvaserger.


Thursday 9/21


As MVHQ closed out its inaugural Mission on its brand new platform, we were not the only Web3 project with significant news to share. Both the Pirate Nation and Phantom Galaxies teams doled out updates on fund raising intiatives and Web2 partnerships in the form of launching on the Epic Game Store.


Most collections saw red across the board again with the exception of Per Kristian Stoveland's recent drop, Pursuit (1.1E) which saw a near 50% rise in it's floor today. Otherwise, NFT volume was still in the dumps at only $7 million, as ETH also took a bit of a hit to the downside, ending the day slightly below $1600.



  • Proof of Play, the gaming studio behind the game Pirate Nation, announced an impressive raise of $33 million today in a seed round of investment.

  • Phantom Galaxies, a longstanding Web3 game backed by Animoca, announced it will be launching on the Epic Game Store on November 2nd.

  • Cool Cats launched the latest addition to their NFT ecosystem in the form of SideKX! Holders of Cool Pets can now burn 2 of them to receive their choice of SideKX.

  • POCLab and Walmart teamed up to release The Cultureverse, celebrating 50 years of Hip-Hop, creators and artists.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • Getting tired of all the shenanigans on X? Well then Botwin has the perfect solution with his latest field report on the the social network for Web3 natives, Farcaster! Check out his latest dose of alpha in the Field Reports channel today!



Friday to Sunday 9/22-9/24


Friend.Tech saw a 72% increase in buy volume on Sunday as the tokenized social meta surges onwards. Concurrently, Draftkings Reignmakers sits atop the Cryptoslam volume leaderboard with over $1.1M in sales after a fun-filled NFL Week3. Rollbit is forced to shutdown its degen token exchange, OpenSea looks for a new creative outlet with Twitch streams and Yuga introduces yet another layer to the Otherside ecosystem. Weekend NFT volume closed at a 3-day average of just under $6M and ETH maintains just below $1600.



  • OpenSea introduces a new Twitch streaming channel called OpenSeaGG.

  • Yuga Labs unveils new "celestial beings native to Otherside," called The Oda.

  • DraftKings Reignmakers held its Rush Premium pack drop with packs priced at $1500.The sale went live on on Friday and sold out Sunday night with current pack prices sitting above $1600.

  • Due to regulatory uncertainty, Rollbit will be shutting down its "Degen EXchange," for the time being. The Exchange was seperate from its casino offerings and focused on token trading.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • Looking for today's dopamine hit? Watch us open over $1000 of Draftkings Reignmakers packs on the latest episode of LET'S RIP!