Weekly Recap 9/25-10/1 - MVHQ

Weekly Recap 9/25-10/1

MVHQ Staff
Oct 2, 2023
Weekly Recap 9/25-10/1

Monday 9/25


Notable headlines were few and far between as we got off to a slow start to the week and while overall volume was slightly up on the day, marketplace floors remained mostly stagnant. Recent mint JERKS saw over 140E in transactions with floors above 0.15E from a 0.069E mint price. BAYC + BAPE join forces for a Hong Kong merch collab, Bitboy reaches new lows, and Top Shot looks to Run it Back once again. Marketplace volume checked in at $7.2M with ETH sitting in the $1580 range.



  • Bored Ape Yacht Club and BAPE team up for an upcoming merch collab exclusively for ApeFest Hong Kong.

  • Top Shot unveils this its next "Run it Back" campaign, which features Moments from 2014-2019. The packs drop on Thursday at a $999 price point.

  • SugarTown, a gaming hub from Zynga, launches its staking platform called Oras, allowing users to earn Energy for each Ora staked.

  • According to Whalewire, Crypto influencer, Ben "Bitboy" Armstrong, was arrested after livestreaming while attemping to steal an ex-business partners Lamborghini.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • Web3 gaming is sooo back! Well, sort of. See what TopHatCat has to say on the matter in the latest Weekly Recap.



Tuesday 9/26


There was an energy and excitement in the air today with headlines coming in thick and fast with the day starting off with a bang after Luca Netz announced Pudgy Penguin toys would be featured in over 2000 Walmart stores nation-wide. Yuga followed that cue with the launch of their own gaming activation, Legends of the Mara as Web3 gamers look for any excuse to escape the "gameplay" loop of HV-MTL.


This news caused some significant action on both Pudgies (5.2E, 1000E vol.) and Otherdeeds (.48E) seeing them both pump roughly 10% on the bullish sentiment. Overall marketplace volume saw the slightest tick upward with $8 million traded as ETH stayed relatively flat closing just below $1600.



  • Pudgy Penguins made the big announcement about their "Brave New World", which sees them enter the shelves of over 2000 Walmart stores nationwide with new models and more digital traits and goodies to be collected!

  • Yuga Labs launched their long-awaited activation for Otherside in the form of Legends of the Mara.

  • Veefriends announced a collaboration with Mattel to offer a dual pack of Skeletor and Skilled Skeleton collectible figures.

  • Grant Yun has teamed up with Ledger to offer a limited edition ledger inspired by his iconic art style, which is available until October 3rd.

  • Animoca is back with another partnership, this time with South Korean advertising company, Daehong Communications, in order to bring Lotte Group's expansion and interests to Web3.

  • VaynerSports Pass rolled out their Season 0 of rewards, which allows holders to accumulate points used to earn sports-based experiences and rewards.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • Are you looking to maximize the value of any staked ETH lying around? The man, the myth, the legend, Botwin has just what the doctor ordered with his latest Field Report on staking with Eigen Layer. Find all the important details in the Field Report channel today!



Wednesday 9/27


The momentum from yesterdays buzzworthy annoucements tapered off today with steady but unspectacular marketplace activity. RTFKT is set to deliver more forged physical goods to its holders, SoRare updates its NBA product and My Pet Hooligan continues to generate postiive buzz with a major spotlight article. For the third day in a row total volume closed above $7M as daily totals are up slightly compared to recent weeks. ETH also got a little nudge in the right direction, as we crossed back above the $1600 mark.



  • RTFKT confirms that forged Nike Air Force 1s are set to ship in October.

  • My Pet Hooligan gets a feature article in IGN, one of the worlds largest gaming magazines.

  • SoRare provides updates to its NBA product ahead of the 2023-2024 season, including cash rewards and a major supply cut across rarities.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • Do you want to learn more about the booming AI Art space? MVHQ's Linus Caldwell details how we can keep a firm pulse on all things AI in his latest Field Report, The AI Market Report.



Thursday 9/28


It was a day to forget in the metaverse as news came in at a veritable snail's pace and volume followed even slower. Most noteworthy were Paypal's filing of a potential NFT patent and yet another in a long line of delays for the seemingly inevitable Blackrock BTC ETF approval as the SEC stalls for even more time.


The NFT market was as dull as it's ever been with no collection breaking 500E in volume traded and more collections trending down in floor price including a Pudgy Penguin retracement from all of their bullish news earlier in the week. Overall NFT volume came in at a paltry $5 million, marking near the lowest we've seen recently. The crypto market, however, saw signs of life as ETH moved up to $1650 to close the day.



  • IYK announced a successful round of fund raising to the tune of nearly $17 million dollars for their company which looks to blend the digital and physical spaces.

  • Paypal is seemingly looking to enter more into the Web3 space after they filed a patent for an "NFT purchase and transfer system" according to files at the USPTO.

  • Transient Labs and prominent artist Alpha Centauri Kid (ACK) unveiled a partnership to produce T.R.A.C.E. a hardware innovation set to improve authentication and art provenance.

  • Blackrock was the latest company whose BTC ETF was delayed yet again by the SEC after a wave of delays hit earlier in the week, kicking the can further down the road.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • With The Otherside's Legend of the Mara now playable, resident Yuga-expert RaggaPrince published another signature Field Report, breaking down the gameplay and optimal strategy to come out on top of the leaderboard. Find it in the Field Reports channel today!



Friday to Sunday 9/29-10/1


A subtle uptick in marketplace activity saw some NFT floors glowing green, as Uptober gets off to a nice start. Sugartown led the way with a 12% floor pop up to 0.3E, while BAYC saw a modest 6% gain with floors back above 25E on over 1200E in volume. Draftkings Reignmakers finished the week #4 on the Cryptoslam volume leaderboards as Reignmakers brought in over $3.3m in transactions. Overall marketplace volume averaged right around $6m over the weekend while ETH saw a nudge in the right direction, now back above $1700.



  • LooksRare unveils a new tokenomics update with more token buybacks and rewards available to users and $LOOKS holders.

  • VeeCon 2024 will take place in Los Angeles this summer with the event set to run from August 9th-11th at the LA Live Entertainment District.

  • The Tezos Foundation announces a new "year-long partnership with the renowned arts and culture institution, the Musee d'Orsay."

  • Cool Cats announce Zaf Chow as a new Advisor, bringing a background in digital strategy and partnerships to the team.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • It was cooking inside MVHQ this weekend as JakeandBake, JJ and LizardCapital all placed 1st in seperate Draftkings Reignmakers tournaments, totaling over $40k in winnings. RelicCK also profited over $20k when West Virginia beat TCU in College Football on Saturday. Congratulations on the BIG WINS everyone!