Weekly Recap 9/4-9/10 - MVHQ

Weekly Recap 9/4-9/10

MVHQ Staff
Sep 11, 2023
Weekly Recap 9/4-9/10

Monday 9/4


It was a touch grass day indeed as the Labor Day lull could be felt harshly across the NFT Marketplace with another red dead rearing its ugly head. For the third straight day, volume moved in the wrong direction as we head towards lows we haven't seen in quite some time. Bored Ape Yacht Club was the only NFT collection to cross the 1000E benchmark as floors struggled to gain any traction in this low volume environment. We closed the day at $6.7m in total marketplace volume and look for brighter days as the week rolls along. ETH saw a small drop but still maintains above the $1600 level.



  • Machi Big Brother makes a 500E standing offer on the final Mega Serum; however, Mega Serums in the past have gone for upwards of 1500E.

  • LooksRare integrates Chainlink VRF in order to "fairly and transparently select winners for YOLO, it's on-chain raffle." LooksRare also unveils its monthly product recap.

  • Futbal superstar Cristiano Ronaldo takes a lie detector test with Binance!


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • Can Grayscale Bring Us A Crypto Winter⁉️ Enjoy our latest Weekly Recap video hosted by TopHatCat and get your week started off right!



Tuesday 9/5


After thinking the worst was behind us with a slightly bullish uptrend we returned to doom and gloom in NFT land with a lack of both volume and excitement in general. Even amongst the malaise, however, were some signs for hope, namely in the art sector. With Spratt's Player (7.3E floor) up 13% and Reifk's Winds of Yamanawa (10.65E floor) up 28%, new art has really found a foothill in this market. Yuga also injected a touch of fun into the day by introducing weekly puzzles centered on their Ordinal collection.

Daily NFT volume put in a new low at just a hair under $6.5 million. ETH continued to range around the $1630 mark.



  • MetaMask has added functionality to cash out crypto to fiat within the MetaMask extension, offering additional off-ramps to users.

  • Yuga Labs launched a weekly puzzle series revolving around their BTC Ordinal collection, TwelveFold, where users compete for a share of BTC and one ultimate winner receiving a TwelveFold Ordinal at the end.

  • Visa has increased its ability for stablecoin settlement by adding the Solana blockchain to its list of supported networks.

  • Reputable watchmaker Casio is entering Web3 by offering 15k Virtual G-Shock Creator Passes on the Polygon blockchain to launch their emerging community.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • With August firmly in the books MVHQ is proud to announce our August MVP is none other than Jasmine! Jasmine has been the driving force for shitcoin education in MVHQ and there is no better recipient of the MVP award. Find all of Jasmine's work on the MVHQ Blog to get up to speed today!



Wednesday 9/6


Yuga runs into another hiccup with a product launch as The Rift opening is postponed until next week. It stayed hot in the Draftkings Reignmakers scene as another pack drop hit the streets ahead of Week 1 NFL action. NFT floors stayed relatively flat without much notable movement in either direction, with Mutant Ape Yacht Club the only project to exceed 1000E in transactions. Overall marketplace volume closed at $8.3m, up nearly 30% from yesterdays lows. ETH continues to play above $1600.



  • Bored Ape Yacht Club has delayed the opening of The Rift until sometime next week after a few bugs were discovered.

  • Draftkings Reignmakers sold out its Rush pack drop ahead of Week 1's games. Packs were sold in three different sets at a $39.99 price point.

  • Reddit celebrates the start of the 2023 NFL season with its next set of digital collectibles.

  • Famed generative artist, DeafBeef, announces a new project called HASHMARKS. The 100 supply collection includes unique hand forged iron sculptures and "cryptographically linked NFTs with unique claim/storage/time-based mechanism."

  • Deadfellaz unveils its new venture into gaming with a new Trading Card Game (TCG) called RIP. Alpha launch is planned for 2024 and Beta in 2025.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • September is Security Month for 0xBotwin. He outlines a gameplan to help protect us on all our Web3 adventures. Find his latest post called Botwins Safety Corner 01: Browser Safety in MVHQ's Field Report channel!



Thursday 9/7


Focus was firmly on football today with the NFL season kicking off and with it the hopes and ambitions of so many in the DFS and degen community. NFTs biggest headline centered on the OnChainMonkeys move to the BTC blockchain from Ethereum. And for the low low cost of $1 million in transaction fees you too could move your collection! BAYC and MAYC both crossed the 1000E volume marks, but Reignmakers was the real winner with another huge day of volume that was eclipsed only by BAYC.

Overall NFT marketplace volume was down from yesterday but still higher than the lows seen at the week's start at just a hair under $8 million. Crypto and more specifically ETH saw a slight green candle to close around the $1650 mark.



  • Ducati announced their entry to NFTs and Web3 with their initial offering Ducati Legacy, a 5000 piece collection as a tribute to motorcycle artisty and innovation.

  • The OnChainMonkey community voted to transition the entire collection from Ethereum to Bitcoin, incurring over $1 million in fees to accomplish the herculean task.

  • The NFL season kicked off tonight and with it came the beginning of another season of NFT DFS! Reignmakers' first contests went live with many degens hopeful of taking home the big prizes on offer.

  • According to the FBI, Stake's recent $41 million hack was perpetrated by North Korea's Lazarus group.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • With the NFL season kicking off, the MVHQ big guns came out to give a compelling Officec Hours walking new users through the product and ways to stay profitable during the season. Make sure to check it out featuring Jake, Poopaloop, and LizardCapital in the Video Content channel today!



Friday to Sunday 9/8-9/10


Another low volume weekend was in order with a light smattering of headlines to pair with a notable Vitalik X hack that saw massive losses. Yuga went on to tease some more Legends of the Mara as players continue to wait in anticipation of the teams next wrinkle. Overall marketplace volume closed just a touch above $13m for Saturday and Sunday, after Friday finished at a steady $8.7m. ETH continues to play above $1600.



  • Vitalik Buterin's X account was hacked and claimed over $691k in stolen funds from victims, according to Cointelegraph. .

  • Yuga provides a Legends of the Mara update and unveils some new lore while hinting at whats to come.

  • DeadFellaz breaks down their new trading card game, RIP.

  • Binance discontinues The Sandbox NFT staking program in addition to Polygon Network Support on September 26.

  • Mocaverse announces a raise of $20m via Animoca Brands.


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  • The next big token drop comes our way in the shape of a $BANANA and Jasmine has us covered with a new TL;DR to get us up to speed and ready to cook. Read her latest article on the MVHQ Blog!