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WTF is an Onchain Gaia?

Apr 8, 2024
WTF is an Onchain Gaia?

Well well well, look who it is… After careful thought and consideration, I have begun my descent into the dark blue depths that is Base. I have ended up here in a whirlwind of events that started on October 27th, 2022 when Elom Busk began the devilish work of transmuting a perfectly painful social platform into a bot-ridden hellscape. What am I supposed to do when I CAN’T EVEN FIND YOUR DAMN APP ON MY PHONE BECAUSE YOU CHANGED THE NAME?


So I’m breaking free bb.


Goodbye, X. Hello, Farcaster


I was skeptical at first, but the experience has been pleasant. Reddit meets Twitter in the best way. The app I use to interact with Farcaster is called Warpcast, this is where our story takes place. I won’t go into all the nitty gritty about Farcaster. Instead, you should read 0xDOPwin's field report (that’s how I got started. thanks boo).


So there I was, scrolling Warpcast (gah, I hate the name so much) and I keep seeing posts saying things like


“onchain gaias” “gaias forever” “blue dot emoji” “/ogs” 


It piqued my curiosity. What is a gaia? What is /ogs? We all know that a certain level of cult behavior is necessary for something to really take off.


So I followed the trail.


A recent free mint called Onchain Gaias had been dropped by someone named Ciniz and the casters (smh) were loving it. This entire little civilization on Base is just humming and buzzing at what might be next. 


So who is this Ciniz character?


I was not familiar with Ciniz until recently, but they seem like your run of the mill, mid to low cap influensoor. They seem well connected with the community of buildoors and replyguys on Warpcast, and is alllll about those $degen tips. You can peep at their socials below. 


The Onchain Gaias mint started on Monday, March 11th. It was a free mint for people in various communities. You can check out who got it 


The collection is related to this channel on Warpcast, where you just post the blue dot emoji (onchain gaias - og). Memes, lol.


Pudgies, pandas, seals, and a bunch of stuff I’ve never heard of got it (I was late to the party, so didn’t mint any). The mint took place inside a frame on Warpcast, kinda cool. Frames are interactive apps inside posts on Farcaster. The whole thing ran for several days. The initial supply was stated to be 8,888, but the collection has been cut to 5,556. (I think it was supposed to be 5,555, but you know….degens) 


The mint was for a pass called Degen’s Golden Ticket. Noice.


According to Ciniz, this pass will be used to mint a pfp.


The artist creating the PFPs is someone named Anton Marrast. Never heard of ‘em? Yeah, me neither. It doesn’t seem like they have a particularly big following, but the art looks cool. Here are some more links if you wanna check out their work. 


They dropped this teaser image for Gaias artwork. 


Image embeds on cast


Not too shabby. I like the art, but we all know that it only matters when it’s cheap. The collection has been trending up in price since it minted out. Moving from a free mint to a .2ish floor at the time of writing this. You can peep the collection here: 


ALSO, there was some mysterious talk about gamification here.


I started buying around .1e down to .06e and currently have 6 tickets. I’m not sure if I will go in for more than those prices, but who knows. Seems like this has all the necessary ingredients to be the de facto pfp on Base this summer (or go straight to zero like my other bags).