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Join our exclusive token-gated community of NFT traders, investors, builders, and educators.

About Us

What is Metaverse HQ?

Metaverse HQ is the leading NFT Alpha Group with 1,300+ active members. We are an international community that communicates via Discord through specific text channels and a 24/7 voice chat with 100s of members sharing alpha, investment strategies, market analytics, and technical analysis, at any given time.

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NFT Trading Community

MVHQ provides an open forum for the largest whales and most active traders in the NFT space to discuss upcoming projects, minting strategies, secondary plays, and overall portfolio allocation.

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Educational Content

MVHQ’s primary focus is on education and security to ensure our members have the proper tools and knowledge to prosper. We host the best and brightest minds in the NFT space to provide the most up to date information to empower our community.

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Exclusive Access

MVHQ partners with the most innovative and forward-thinking brands in the Metaverse to establish long-term relationships that benefit our community through exclusive whitelists, early access, private information, and special perks only available for MVHQ members.

Our Partners

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