A Sitdown with Poopaloop - MVHQ

A Sitdown with Poopaloop

A glimpse into the mind of one of MVHQ's leaders

Feb 1, 2023
A Sitdown with Poopaloop

Howdy Poopaloop! Want to give a big “thank you” for taking time out of your day to talk about your experience within the space and time spent as an Admin in MVHQ.




Let’s get to know your story within the space. Can you walk me through when you first got into NFTs, and how you started out? What were some of your first thoughts when wrapping your head around what an NFT is, and where this space could go?


Poopaloop: And a big thank you sir for doin all you do for the community. Like so many others in the NFT space, Topshot was my gateway drug into the world of NFTs and my first official mint was a ZED RUN Genesis drop which was then followed by Bonsai by ZENFT.


It was a much different landscape then and to be honest I wasn't really sure exactly what I was getting into. I just knew that the thrill of minting and flipping was too fun to ignore and really enjoyed learning some of the early nuances with our community. As time went on, grasping onto the concept of project utility and nurturing relationships through common community bonds helped me fall in love with this newfound digital revolution in ways I had never expected. I think this most recent bull run showed some of the really good and absolutely bad of what the NFT space can be and I am ready for the next ramp up to be a much more mature process that allows for easier access to education for newcomers, a more streamlined onboarding process and a marketplace that is rid of scams. Only then will we even dream of touching the unlimited potential that NFT technology can provide.





Tell me about your PFP, which is an awesome looking Bored Ape, how did you come across it, and what is the story there?


Poopaloop: Why thank you sir, as the saying goes sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. I had missed the BAYC mint and been eyeing them for a little while. One weekend they made their run to a 1E floor and I decided to FOMO into two, one of which I ended up flipping for 3E and the other is the one you see today. No crazy story there, just a classic case of FOMO that ended up working out. My parents are pretty big Grateful Dead Heads so the Tie Dye always resonated with me.





Would you mind walking us through your involvement with MVHQ? How did you find out about the group and how long have you been an Admin in the server?


Poopaloop: MVHQ initially started off as Top Shot Investors Club (TSIC) which was a group of about 200 degens. After some time we tokenized and transitioned into what we know as MVHQ today. I was first put onto TSIC by RelicCK, who is a dear friend and also currently one of our mods and I think I joined about a month after the original forming of the group. I was hired on as a Mod initially and as time went on I kept pestering our Founder, Jake, to see if he needed help in a variety of areas. I loved the community and wanted to do what I could to help it grow and succeed. After some time, Jake was gracious enough to offer me an Admin position just before the Summer of 2021. The rest…as they say…is history.





As an Admin in MVHQ, what does your day to day look like? Could you fill in the audience on things that you manage which go on behind the scenes?


Poopaloop: I think for most Admins, two items define the majority of days…Meetings and DMs. Especially as we continue to work and build out the foundations of our community, the wide ranging forms of communication can pile up from time to time. In a space that moves as fast as ours does, it's imperative to remain fluid in order to adjust as needed. It's also important to keep tabs on the community and familiarize ourselves with the different personalities and contributions of our members. Much of my time is spent working with staff on how we can best coordinate different tasks and events throughout the day and more recently we have been working to provide a variety of content offerings for our members. We also hold weekly staff meetings where we discuss a variety of topics aimed at task completion and community updates.





The word community is thrown around quite a bit in this space, but how would you describe the community within MVHQ?


Poopaloop: Great question. It makes sense that it's such an overused term because at the end of the day community building should be a core foundational principle for any group or project that wants to be taken seriously. I think where MVHQ separates itself in that regard is the amount of genuine passion, loyalty and care our members have for one another. We operate as a team. As a family. Many groups use “community” as their buzzword…well I’d say “Family” is ours, and therein lies the difference.





Outside of the wonderful community that MVHQ fosters, what would you say is a “hidden gem” of MVHQ utility that you’d like more people to know about?


Poopaloop: It has to be access to our voice chat. Voice chats aren’t a unique concept to any Discord server but ours really does act as an extension of the bond our community has formed. We share information, strategy and experiences with all other members and try to cater it to all experience levels. The content our VC provides mostly stems from organic conversation between members and remains our central hub of communication and really has helped mold the identity of our community. I’d also add that access to any of our MVHQ IRL events is a hell of a “hidden gem” for the community as it allows members to feel a real personal connection with one another. It is where relationships are solidified even more deeply.





You’ve seen your fair share of bulls/bears in the crypto realm, any advice you’d give to someone who is new to the space and experiencing this for their first time?


Poopaloop: It’s funny, my first bear was back in 2018 when me and some co-workers were just dabbling in some coins as a hobby to help pass the time and learn something new. I was never a full time crypto guy until 2021 and didn’t touch much of my crypto portfolio until I started moving funds around for TopShot and NFTs. I think one really important lesson I learned was to not detach from the market. Staying in tune with all the current trends and metas, even during the bear, will go a very long way in helping you fire off on all cylinders when marketplace volume returns. Even if you aren't actively trading as much, make sure you stick around and continue to absorb as much information as possible.





Your twitter bio mentions that you’re a former Raiders scouting personnel, which I’ve got to admit is quite awesome. Has that prior experience bled over into this world where we are constantly looking at new projects? Any tips or tricks that you’d be willing to share on setting a general framework for researching a founder or team on a new project?


Poopaloop: Thanks Tex, it certainly was a great experience and one I take a lot of pride in being a part of. The beautiful thing about most professional experiences is that there are certain skills that translate across all industries. The more you can fine tune your “scouting” eye and build enough confidence to trust your gut in certain situations the better off you will be. A good place to start when looking into a project is checking off the answers to some of these questions. Are they doxxed? What’s their professional background? Have they been involved in any other project? If you take a look inside their community…what's the engagement like? Is it full of bots to boost the number of members or followers? Or is there organic conversation with the team interacting with their members? What is their planned utility? Is it a unique concept? Is their roadmap full of promises yet to be fulfilled? Or is there something tangible for holders to latch onto?





Are you bullish on any particular category of NFTs on a go-forward basis? What teams or projects are you keeping an eye on with a long term vision in mind, if any?


Poopaloop: Anything that continues to bring IRL experiences to life utilizing blockchain technology is something I am extremely bullish on. In my opinion, mass adoption will come on the back of utility based entertainment NFTs - connecting fans with real life experiences they have grown to love. Also, I am always here for whatever Cute PFP meta is in play. 



Thanks again, Poopaloop!


Much love!