Julia Yan Advisor Announcement - MVHQ

Julia Yan Advisor Announcement

Mitch Lacsamana
Jan 5, 2023
Julia Yan Advisor Announcement

January 4th, 2023

Metaverse HQ


For Immediate Release



Metaverse HQ welcomes Julia Yan, the Head of Growth at TikTok, as our first official advisor. As MVHQ continues to establish the premiere web3 network for founders, builders, creators, advisors, and investors, Julia's professional track record, web3 expertise, and connections spanning across Tech, Finance, and Politics, make her a perfect counselor for MVHQ's growth.


When I first met Julia during MVHQ's NFT focused Soho House Panel, she blew me away with her story, minting the Bored Ape Yacht Club Otherdeeds over dinner at Nobu.


It was instantly clear that she wasn't using web3 or NFTs as a buzzword like most Fortune 500 executives. She had genuine and deep interest and experience on the blockchain. Never mind her ground breaking work with Amazon's Alexa product or her rise to stardom, growing Musical.ly (now TikTok) to become the largest social media platform in the world. As traditional companies flock to capitalize on the upside of web3, Metaverse HQ and our members have proved to be the guiding light.


With Julia's advisement and our developing relationships with the most influential web2 companies, MVHQ will continue to move the needle to mass adoption and bolster our reputation as the leader in web3 and strengthen our pipeline of exclusive opportunities for our community.


We'll be hosting Julia Yan for an exclusive sit down in MVHQ's Numbers Therapy Podcast on January 19th, at 2pm ET, exclusively for MVHQ members. If you're interested in learning how MVHQ plans to expand and scale this decade and beyond, I'd be sure not to miss this lovely trail of bread crumbs.


Welcome juliary#8461 to MVHQ.